LARABA : (where love never ends) episode one

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Chapter 1

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Ryan Jericho–some knew him as the most powerful original vampire of all time, while some knew him as a werewolf; but seemingly spate of people also saw him as some sort of spirit. But I said the best euphemism to convey the ambiguous nature of Ryan Jericho was to call him –a Hybrid! He was a half vampire, half werewolf and half spirit. Everything about him patently frothed nothing but supernatural!–and not even trace of gnomish-sized humanity could be found in him.

Oh well, even though Ryan Jericho’s similitude didn’t come close to humans–still; under his raw supernaturalism laid a good heart. A very fragile and beautiful heart repleted with alot of virtue and benignancy. As a matter of fact, if benignancy could be measured with gross tons–then ten thousand tons would still be a blatant lie to depict the weight of his benignancy.

However, Ryan Jericho didn’t just arrive to being a hybrid or a supernatural being. He was born as human—bred as human—nurtured up as human and fledged as human. It was however an unwavering circumstances that made him moult away his mortality to become the most powerful supernatural creature on earth.

It all started when a very huge timber wolf stormed the town many years ago to accomplish no other task than to kill–to steal–and to destroy. The extremely aggressive animal had pored all it attention on shredding to smidges every living organisms in the town. Just like an ultimate invasion–the Canis rufus invaded countless of homes every night to devour harmless people while they slept. The townfolks had always gone to sleep every nights with a dreaded hope of making it till next day. And whenever the lucky ones woke up safely and sound the next day; they were always greeted “bad morning” with torrid sight of whirlpool of blood sluiced on every terrace and corner of the town–the blood was from the carcass of victims from the tyrant predator. The animal really enjoyed it tirade—slamming everybody into self-durance because they had psychologically assumed “the fear of wolf was the beginning of their wisdom”—more also; the same fear had subconsciously arrested their freedom and turned their abode into a gaol.

Then a solution arrived. But it was a futile one. After the townsfolk got tired of living their life in revere of a brute animal which was not ready to scram in time soon; then they decided to assemble able men to hunt the animal down. These men that were well-to-do thewed and canty assembled themself to hunt after the marauder but unfortunately, none of them was able to come back give a didactic tale of how they lost their lives on a mission of acquiring heroism. The battle between men and wild timber wolf ended on a catastrophe note. It was so sure the animal would have enough body to gloat on after the end of the battle. Seeing no other way to kill this animal; the remaining townfolks plodded back to state of frightfulness.

But then, another utile solution emerged from a very powerful female witch who just arrived at the town to find solace. The witch who was dextrous in the use magic found a solution on how to put an end to the marauder rubbing innocent life of their lives. The witch concluded the brute was nothing close to ordinary–the reason why ordinary men could not stop it. Thewed and herculean men certainly got deflated to their sapless self when faced with that kind of brute. Now, the only solution being suggested by the witch was using a spell known as “Spell of Eden” to make a supernatural being who would face the wolf in battle; and the best way to accomplish that was turning human being into a lamia. This lamia tended to possess more than enough strength to face the wolf and kill the brutal beast. On hearing this, everyone abstained from being a vampire. Especially when the witch told them that there was a fat chance of returning the hero back to human form if by mistake he got bitten by the wolf. The wolf’s toxin could do a pretty-bad whacking damage on vampirism.

When nobody volunteered to be transformed into a vampire to face the death on hunt for their lives, Ryan Jericho did. Ryan volunteered to be turned into a Lamia just to kill the wolf and quickly shed away the vampirism to return back to his human form. Even though the peril of what he was about to do kept peeking at him—Ryan Jericho refused to be unfazed. His determination to rescue his people impelled him to surrender to the spell of Eden.

Thus how Ryan Jericho became the first Original. (The Original had been a locution for a vampire who didn’t go through the bite from another vampire to attain their vampirism. And it always come with colossal attribute of being able to compel other vampires just as easy as they could compel humans–they also remained the most strongest and fastest vampires of all time)

So Jericho became the Original vampire after the spell of Eden had been casted on him. Then he went ahead to face the timber wolf. The war between the vampire and the wolf went too extremely gory but alas! The vampire won. Ryan killed the wolf ending the predator with fatal bites from him. Ryan got victory! He became the hero of the day and a multiple life saver. But unfortunately his victory was tinged when he found out that there was small volume of venom in his body from the wolf’s bite. His victory was short-term because there was no way of becoming human again. Furthermore Ryan was going to die if the witch didn’t find a solution. The solution that entailed casting another spell to cure the lesion incurred by the wolf’s toxin. The spell was done–and the lesion was healed but the toxin had already fused with his vampire blood consuming half of his vampirism. That had unwittingly sledged him to being a half wolf and half vampire. Making him a very powerful hybrid.

Something at first Jericho contemned very much. Being unable to explore human attributes again in his supernatural theurgy had punted him into state of depression for days. He hated being vampire! He hated being a werewolf!–just as how much he hated how he had been transubstantiated into a spirit. He hated the theurgies more than how a teetotaler despise an inebriant. However Jericho later learnt how to accept the way he was after much unavailing rummaged over antidote to turn him back to human being. He found out that becoming human again was very very dangerous. So he accepted his fate—even ‘acceptance’ could be less explanatory. He learnt to adore his supernaturalism and vowed to use the artful gift to save humanity.

But what Ryan Jericho did not know was what the future had in store for him. Especially when he found love in the heart of a fragile mortal lady in which fate hauled his way. His future hued in sodding-mystery and wrenching dilemma and most especially what he dreaded the most in his lifetime.

To be continued..

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