Let the guns speak episode 5

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*LET THE GUNS SPEAK [Episode 5]*

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A story by Larry sun

He looked behind his left shoulder, the pursuers were no longer running after him, they were now walking with full confidence. They had probably suspected his exhaustion. They walked with full swagger, as if they had all the time in the world. The street seemed deserted; everywhere appeared silent except for the few birds who sang occasionally as they flew hither and yon. Innocent civilians had run for cover on beholding five heavily armed men pursuing a lone runner. The running man was momentarily afraid. He knew the time had come for him to bade the world his farewell. He was very sad; sad not because he was soon going to join his ancestors, of course that was inevitable in the circumstance; he was sad because the men would finally be taking the document from him. And he found himself pitying the unfortunate living people who would witness and experience the horror the content of the document would unleash all across the federation. It would be a global but colossal catastrophe.
As he tried to run into a crowded street a shot rang from behind him and the bullet caught him in the neck.

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