Let the guns speak episode 7

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*LET THE GUNS SPEAK [Episode 7]*
Members of this fraternity (a group which they had come together to name themselves The Common Men; and below their individual armpits, just above the ribcage of each one of them, was the gothic tattoo of the inscription TCM; no one knew about the existence of this gathering except, of course, the members) numbered exactly twenty. Each member came from each state of the federation, and they usually had this meeting quarterly. In the meetings, they usually sat to discuss the fate of the nation and her citizens. This night, however, was not their meeting night. But the appointed leader, TCM-13, the one from the federal capital, had summoned the members to this sudden meeting. Upon hearing the summons, each member had boarded the next available flight, while those who resided in neighbouring states had employed the services of taxi-drivers to drive them to the location; they never allowed their drivers to transport them there for no outsider must know about the existence of this sacred place. None of their family members must know, not even their wives were allowed that knowledge. Two years earlier, a member from Imo had made the mistake of confiding in his wife about the meeting. The member had met with a terrible fatal accident and his whole family was thereafter wiped out. Nobody knew about how The Common Men knew about this disloyalty, but the Imo man’s entirely lineage paid dearly for his loose tongue. And within two months, another man from the state had replaced him.

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