Local champion episode 12 and 13

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episoode 12
The following week was not too eventful wereas the christmas day,
boxing day and new year.
I always visit my boss to be and his wife in there house, the wife
always behave somehow to me but i just shrugged it off that maybe she
is always tired everyday, but i always wonder if that how shes going
to be behaving if i get to stay with dem.
A day before leaving the village i went to visit my one and only, my
swettest sweet, my omalicha nwa.
I forget to tell u about her. Her name is adijat she not too tall nor
shot let me not bore you with the discription.
When i reach there coumpound i did not see anybody outside i knock on
there down and she told me to come in side.
As i enter we just hug each other she offerd me malt and biscuit.
Me: uhmm my wife my one and only so where re ur parent
Adijat: they went to visit there parent
Me: OK you know am living the village tomorrow Adijat: yes. So you are
going to leave me here and go and meet all dose city girls abi (in a
sad tone)
Me: common you know that i cant do that (moving closer to her i put
one of my hand on her lap and use the other to bring her face closer
to me i planted a deep kiss on her lip she reciprocate back after like
five min she remove her lip and drop the bombshell
Adijat: if you know that you wont cheat on me you have to SWEAR
i just look @ her with a cold eye chai which kind life be dis just
becos of toto should i swear or not

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episode 13
Me: hey wait i cant hear you well
Adijat: we have to swear you know nah
my brain started calculating so dis girl wan make we
swear sha abi god wan punish am ni
Me wey neva enjoy fresh pussy wella omo i must fuck her now and forget
about her if i get 2 lagos. Nah
weting she want i must give her
Me: adijat my sweetest sweet my one and only my
omalicha nwa you see in the bible and quran they said
that swearing oath is not good it against my wich if
you know that what you want den count me out . (am just saying it just
to let her feel bad but in my mind just
want to fuck and leave her)
Adijat: sobbing, okay am sorry if i offend you okay pls
forgive me
Me: have forgiave you nah buh no dey try that with
me again ooo, so let have a quickie to wrap it up as goodbye sex
Adijat: no haaa am on my period nah
Me: ( chai nah me dis girl wan scope abi she dey do
menstruation today wey i wan fuck her) can i see it by
my self
Adijat: common dont be silly you know that it not good nah, and am on my pad
Me: i insist sey i want to see it and if you are doing
your menstruation am going to leave yoy
She relucantly off all her cloth and her undid.
After she have undress her self and shes not doing
any menstruation i ask her why shes lieng to me, Adijat: muda it not
that i dont want to have sex with
you but am having abdominal pain
Me: dont worry wen we are through you wonth feel
any pain again

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