Local champion episode 14 and 15.

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episode 14
Adijat: (sobbing)  pls nah you know that i love you
Me: (in olamide voice, u know u love me i love u too) dont worry bae
let join our love together nah
I just stand up off all my clothe use my hand to draw hr head clother
and planted a deep kiss to her lip she didnt fidget or push me away,
she draw me closer to her self and we started kissing fighting with
each other lip she started sucking my lips like a pro, my right hand
grab and squeezzing her breast while my secound hand found way into
her pussy
She started moaning into my mouth and use her hand to grab my john thomas.
i just push her to the bed spread her leg wide grab my trouser i
remove one condom and condomised my dick i parted her leg wider and
enter her already wet punany,
I started pounding her in,out,in,out her moun have turn to screaming
that am sure some of there neighbour will be hearing her scream
her pussy started grabbing my dick and her let out a loud mound and
reach her organsm
I started pounding her harder cos have been feeling my load abut to
pour, after like 5min i release my load inside d condom ans i pull
away from her, to remove the condom i see that the condom have burst

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episode 15
I wake up to the sound of the knock, as i open my eye i scan the room
am inside my room and it pass 9pm who could that be,have my parent
return i stand up from my bed and went to the door before i open my
door i first said d last prayer cos anyting can appen, and i neva
ready 2 die.
As i open the door i saw my one and only adijat in our door step i was
very suprise seeing her by that time, i ask what is she finding by
that time she told me that she return my necklace that is with her i
was just dumbfounded cos why will a person with the right sense return
a chain by this time , as i collect the chain from her i gentle close
the door and told her to let us go (excorting her). As we walk out of
our coumpound in silent only the whistle of the ant could be heard, as
i bade her goodbye she just draw me back and plant her lips on mine i
didnt think before i get the ansa i started kissing her bk while
standing, i push her to unda one of the tree along the bush path i
remove her wrapper and lay it down shes not on wrapper chai thank god
no time for romance i just lay her down and put my 6inch inside her
p***y for a quicke i started banging her harder and squeezing her
breast she started shouting that people in the neighbourhood will be
hearing maybe they are raping someone after banging for like 15mins i
release my hot akamu inside her and pull out.
She stand up dust her wrapper and tie it back i just bade her bye and
return bk 2 my rum

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