Local champion episode 16 and 17

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Episode 16.

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the following morning i wake up feeling releive have forgot that am
going to lagos with my new boss that day i just carry one bucket and
headed to the river. On getting to the river theres nobody there i
just fetch my water and started going back home i met some of the
girls in our village they re just stearing @ me, as i get near our
house i saw one fine black car park inside our coumpound that when i
remember that am going to lagos i increase my pace as i get home i
drop the water and went inside as i open the door i saw my parent,my
boss and his wife discussing my home ask me where i went to and i told
her that i went 2 d river.
I rush to my room pick my toothbrush and towel
To go and bath as i get to the parlour i saw my boss wife stearing @
my chest i started thinking how the woman will look like when naked.
After talking with my parent and packing of my load we enter the car
and the car zoom off i bade my parent bye

Episode 17.

Episode 17
As we started d journey to lagos my boss and his wife started asking
me some questions i ansa d little i can ansa, my boss wife started
complain of heat my boss wine the glass up and on the a/c i rest my
head by d door and enter dream land.
I started dreaming day dreaming that am banging my boss wife as we are
kissing and smooching each other have pull all her clothe off and my
clothe also as i want to put my d**k into her wet p***y i just hear a
resounding slap on my cheek, i open one of my eye and saw my boss wife
raise her hand up to slap me again as she want to slap me i just open
my eye.
Boss wife: what are uu saying while sleeping
Me: me am nt saying anything
My boss just chuckle and ask give me 2 gala and one coke.
After eating i dose off again.
I was woke up again this time we are in front of a big mansion i look
back and everywhere is dack i ask my boss where we are and he told me
that we are in front of his house, he horn twice and a middle age man
come to open the gate and he drove in.
As we alighted from the car i carry my bag and one small bag for my
boss also, as i want to knock the door the dooor just open by it self
i want to run back but i just compose my self and enter as i enter i
saw one damsel sitting on the couch she resemble my madam i great her
and she ansa me my boss and wife also enter she great the my boss told
her to show me the room that am going to stay.


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