Local champion episode 20

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episode 20
I juat stand dere and be looking @ them like a lost sheep.
Boss: cmon y u said that
Oga wife: am sorry, okay muda u can go and take your bath your food is
inside the kitchen
Me: okay
I just went back inside the room and startde thing abt what d boss
wife just said to me chai omo if she abuse me 2 much me go beat am ni
I pick up my brush and towel and enter the bathroom after 10 mins i
come out looking refresh as i enter bk i saw cynthia sitting on the
bed and a plate in her hand.
Me: what re you doing in here
Cynthia: (chukling) you talkng to me
Me: yes abi cant you see that i need privacy
Cynthia: common dnt be rude i just bring your food in here, and am
sorry for what my sister said.
I did nt even look @ her much as she exit the room i stare @ the food
suspiciously and continue dressing after dressing i pick the food up
it fried rice plantain and meat. Waw what a nice food i started
salivating before eating as i finish eating i drop the plate down i
lay on d bed and off 2 sleep again,
oga and his wife have travel it remain only me and cynthia @ home that
day she wear only pant and bra after my boss and his wife have travel
she enter my room andd lock the am inside the toilet buh i can hear
the sound of my door i quickly flush and peep through the door and saw
cynthia sleeping on my bed i just enter my room without wasting time
we started smooching and romancing as i want to put my d**k into her
punany she just give me a thunderous slap i open my eye only to see my
oga wife in my front.
Shai nah she gimme slap sha
Oga wife: what all did rubbish down the
Me: (as i look down i saw that have release on the bed i just bow my
head without saying anything)
Oga wife: so this have u always my your papa house abi village boi.

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