Local champion episode 22

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episode 22
I quickly remove my mouth from her before the person opening the door
would see us together as i rush out i bumb into cynthia and the food
with me fall down and d cup break into peices some stuck into her leg
while she left out a loud noise blood started coming from her leg my
boss wife run to come and meet her and we enter the kitchen bback my
boss wife rush inside to go and bring the first aid bus as my boss
wife escuse us she started looking at me suspiciously i just shrugged
all d thought
Cynthia: getting her face closer to mine she use her finger to clean
my lip and lip stick paint stain her hand, she gave me a devilish look
and ask me d jamb question
Cynthia: did u kiss my sister
As i want to ansa her my boss and his wife enter the kitchen together
with one doctor like that.
My boss : how did it appen
Before i could talk my boss wife have talk
boss wife: it a rat jare that mix with the cup as they are chasing each other
Shai best lie ever
The doctor use cotton wool to clean the wound, he use one small
scissors to remove the glass and apply mthylated spirit and some other
thing she also gave her some drug to use also.
After they re done with everything my boss ask me to clean the kitchen
as the are going out cynthia look back @ me with that kind eye wey
with kill cow.
I just shrugged it off i clean the kitchen put some food into the
plate and went 2 my room to eat. Later in the after my boss call me
and told me that he and his wife are you out that i should always
check up on cynthia.
As they leave i get back inside and saw cynthia siting on the long
sofa as she sight me she just hiss.

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