Local champion episode 23

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episode 23
Everything have been going smothly in the house i always avoid my boss
wife i neva allow the two of us to be in a place together unless
theres othe people come.
So there come the day that my escapade started with my boss wife AND HER SISTER
In the night everybody have eaten we prayed together and we all
departed to our room
As i get into my room i pray and sleep around midnight i started head
some noise i first thought it ghost i open my eyes buh see that it
knock i get up from the bed in on my lamp and went to open the door.
In front of my door is my boss wife with her tranparent night gown
looking so endowed and freshen she smell of strawberry. I have been stearing @ her for like 5mins without blinking an eye it her
touch that brought me back to life
Me: erm sorry ma (scratching my head) what can i do for yoU
Boss wife: wont you let me in
Me: my bad come in(shifting for her)
Boss wife. Nice room
I was just wandering what shes looking for in my room by this time if
my boss meet here nah gobe oooo
boss wife: wont you entertain me you re nt even romantic
Me: erm am sorry what should i offer you
Boss wife; go and bring a plastic chill ice cream from the kitchen for me
As i heard that i first look at her to be sure shes talking to me
Boss wife: wont you go nd bring me before i change my mind
Me: (bowing my head ) am sorry ma
As i get to the kichen i open the fridge and saw plenty ice cream ther
and pick it
As i open the door i saw my boos wife naked facing up on my be.

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