Local champion episode 25

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she take of of the ice cream and pour it on my hard
dick, it really feel like am in heave she bend down and
started licking the cream in my dicck she wrap her
mouth on my dicck and started give me the best
blowjob of the year.
She succk my dicck and use dis other hand to play with my ball as i want
to pour she remove her mouth from
my dicck and squess my ball hard
Me: ( i gave out a lound morn) o god and what that
Boss wife: that 4 peeping @ me inside the bath room
I just chuckle i raise my head up and plant a deep kiss
on her lipafter kissing for like five minute she get back to work
started succking my dicck back again. When i
cant take it anymore i just turn her over and started
kissing her i kiss her ear lobe down to her breast her
tit is really rock hard i place my mouth on one of her
tit and use my hand to play with the other breast i
trace it down to her navel i started kissing her down to her pusy
when i get to her pusy it really saint like
srawberry juice all dis while shev been morning and
shouting when my mouth touch her labia she release
her milk i place my mouth to taste it it taste salty i
started succking her wet pusy and using the other
hand to fundle her breast after succking her i get up on her to look 4
my condom i check my drawer and
wardrobe i find none when i get back to her i peep
into her face and see that she have been sleeping i
went to spread her leg and positing my self i use the
tip of my dick to rub her wet and swollen kitty as i
buried all my dicck into her pusy she gave out a loud morn and
encourage me to fuck her harder i started
going in and out on her in a very fast stroke after
10mins i get down from her and lay on the bed she
position her self on my dick in a cow girl reserve she
started going up and down on my dick when i see that
shes tired i fucck her in dogy style and release my cum in her we both
crack onto the bed and zoom to

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