Local champion : episode 3 and 4.

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Episode 3

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On sighting wat happen i throw the stick in my

hand toward there direction. The stick hit one of

the guy holding the girl hand and blood started

coming out from his head the other guy face me.

And started pursuing me i have to run away becos they are upto 5 in number.

I get to where i put my bucket and pick it up i

head to the stream with fear to fetch my water,

Meanwhile at home my pare nt are getting

worried about what am still doing in the

stream.the prince messanger and like 6 youth are seen in our compound

lieing against me that

they saw me raping a girl and when they want

to fight with me i use stick to injure one of them.

On my way back home everywhere was sillent

except for the sound of the bird annd leaves i

met my girlfriend while going back home she told me that she hear that

i rape a girl i was just

speechless and ask her who told her she told me

that the talk of the town i just told her what

happen and told her not to worry aboutt it.

On getting home i met my parent both standing

outsidee Pale: were are you coming from now
Am just speechless and looking @ my dad bcos

am wandering wat happen with is cold face

Me: am coming from the stream

i get inside and receive the shock of my life.

On entering my mum just give me slap. My eye just turn red and seeing

double i started

wondering wat my offence before i could

recover, i started receiving beating from my

parent, they started abusing me that i went to

rape a girl, after serious of beating i just Fainted.

Episode 4

the ray of the sunlight pierce into my eye through thee window i open

my eyes to see my self on the bed inside my room everywhere was damn

silent i check my time we are in 10:23 am my stomach started rumbling

i sat up on the bed and started remixing about what happen to me the

previous day all i can remember. is how my parent are beating me, i

just shrug it off and went out, check every where in the house for my

my parent none of them is at house i just head to the kitchen to find

something to eat.around 3pm my parent come back, they saw me inside

the house i just ignore the two of them because am really angry about

event of the other Day.

My parent later call me and started begging me and talking to me.

They later drop the bombshell that the king want to see me the other day.

Watch out for the next episode

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