Local champion episode 30

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episode 30.
I know you all will think that it my boss wife or my
boss nah nah nah
It not the two of them but our gateman …… As the door open we
parted away from each oda. as
the person enter and we see that it the gateman
Cynthia started shouting on him and abusing him i told
her to take it easy that maybe he thought am the only
one at home, as the gate man leave, cynthia also
stand up and told me that shes going to her room. I started thanking
my star that if it my boss wife what
will happen now.
I dress up and went to the kitchen i saw a covered
plate there as i open it i saw fried rice and meat there
i carry it and head to the parlour.
As i get to the parlour i saw cynthia and one guy that i look to be
her boifriend they are arguing and i could
detect from her voice that she want to break up with
the guy and the guy is begging her weting consine me
with them, when they they put something for
something i know they there.
As i get to my room i saw my phone blinking i check it and it anoda
msg from the same numba to meet her in
the hotel by 2pm, i sat down and eat the food after
eating i went bk to slip. I know some of you would be
wandering why i like sleeping it not my fault nah,
when am in the village it wakeup go to the farm
comebk eat and sleep. And hear just eat and sleep. My boss own a shop
where he sell electronics he have workers that stay
there and delivered to his account, his wife is a full
house wife.
Bk to the story, i wake up around 11:30 i went to bath
again i dress up and head out to the parlour, as i get to the parlour
i saw cynthia lying on the floor luking dull i
just look at her and head out of the room.
When i get out of the coumpound i saw a taxi and told
im my destination, he charge me and we agree haplf
way to the journey i try the number again but it still
switch off, i started thinking maybe it the 419 or something nobody
know my where about, we get to
the front of a black giant gate the taxi driver told me it
the hotel. I know the giant gate and the security show
and ask me what am looking for i told im and he direct
me to the receptionist as i get there i askfor the room
number and she ask me if am mudashiru ajanaku i said yes and she gave
me direction when i get to the
door i first said my last prayer before i knock on the
door. The person told me to open the door that it not
locked as i open the door with pounding heart
Guess who i saw

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