Local champion episode 31

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episode 31
As the door open standing in my front is my boss wife.
I started wandering what the woman might be
looking for here. She look @ me and ask me whether
am going to stay there forever or enter as i enter the
room she close the door, i just look at her and what is the meaning of
what shes doing shebi hwr sister said
that she went to visit there parent, abi she slept here
with a man.
Her voice brought me back from my predicament.
Boss wife: are you gonna stand there forever, and
what are you even thinking Me: buh your sister said that you went to visit your
Boss wife: (laughing) sure i just said that so that she
wont suspect anything between us you know
Me: buh yes ma
Boss wife: dont call me ma again my name is adijat So this woman is
bearing the same name with my
We are still discussing while standing, she told me to
sit sown and ask me what am going to eat i told her
not to worry that am Ok. As we wer discussing her
phone rang but she did not pick it. Me: y dont you want to pick your call
Boss wife: mtchew it my customer jare
I started wandering the work this woman is doing
again someone that always stay at home 24/7 maybe
she selling her toto then
Her phone ring again after 5min Me: buh you have to pick it nah, abi u re hiding
something from me
Even if it your side chick you still have to pick it
She relucantly pick her call and talk with the person
that i guess is a man in low voice,.
Me: but y are you cheating on your husband Boss wife: (chukle) am not
cheating on him. In case
you dont know am using you against him
I open my mouth wide what did she mean by that..

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