Local champion episode 37

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as i open the door i saw 4 guys @ the door step one with gun the other threee with matchet and cutlass.

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The one in the front slap me that i started seeing my dead gread grand father they ordey us to lie down, i lie down beside the couch so as to get view of what going on not too far from me is a bootle i lick my lip and i started saying my last prayer because i know that, that day if i did not die only god will save me the voice of one of the gang that i guess to be there leader
bring me bk from my predicamnt.

He ask whos chief owoniko, my boss raise his hand up he told him to get up and congratulate im about his trip to europre he ask him where he keep his money and other item my boss denie, having anything then a slap land at the back of his neck he yell out and slump on the floor like someone that fainted one of the guy
brought his J0yst!ck out and urinate on my boss face

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