Local champion episode 38

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I just stared at the thief as he urinate on my boss face.

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They pull im up and told him to be doing frog.
in less than 3min he have been breathing like
someone that run from lagos to abuja after 10mins they told him to sit down. One of the thief told my boss wife and cynthia to stand
up, as they stand up they re just shaking a crying one of the thief put his hand on my boss wife b0s0m and squess it hard, she gve out a loud shout and the three of them laugh.

1st thief: omo this babe nah confirm oooo 3rd thief: omo the b0s0m soft like agege bread guy
theres no time make we do weting we ggo do fast before dawn.

Meanwhile as they are talking they didnt really notice me, i sighted 3 bootles on the floor and shifted toward it . As they told them to lie down they started crying, cynthia is begging them that shes pregnant while my boss wife said shes on her period all there plead fell on deaf hear as the 2nd of them that have been quiet
all the time remove his pistol and told my boss to stand up, he command him to undress his wife in there presence.

He did as he was told with shaky hand, he told my boss to go and bring the hand fan and started blowing air on his wife, the thief undress him self and his J0yst!ck sprang up (8inchs) he told my boss wife to lie down and she was proving sturbon two of the grab her and lay her on the floor one hold her hand while the secound hold her leg.

The thief get to her front and position his J0yst!ck to her K!ttyC@t entrance as he want to enter her.

Guess what appen next..?

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