Local champion episode 39

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have been looking at the event happening, i started thinking i have to act fast i only have two option theres 3 bottle beside me i have to use the bottle or i allow them to Molest her.

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As the thief want to put is J0yst!ck into her punanny, in a swift motion have break one of the bootle on his head i dont know how i did it or the spirit that enter me, it catch the un aware before they could compose them self have use the broken bottle to stab him at the back and on his head i attack the one that hold her leg with great force and mark his face with the bottle and stab him i charge toward the third guy and we started struggling with each other as we are fighting i hear my name as i look back he landed a heavy puck on my head i just away from him and it like they hit me with a rock i charge at im again as we are fighting i
felt a sharp pain at my back and black out…

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Spread the love, please share with friends after reading

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