Local champion episode 5 and 6.

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Episode 5

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the ray of the sunlight pierce into my eye through thee window i open

my eyes to see my self on the bed inside my room everywhere was damn

silent i check my time we are in 10:23 am my stomach started rumbling

i sat up on the bed and started remixing about what happen to me the

previous day all i can remember. is how my parent are beating me, i

just shrug it off and went out, check every where in the house for my

my parent none of them is at house i just head to the kitchen to find

something to eat.around 3pm my parent come back, they saw me inside

the house i just ignore the two of them because am really angry about

event of the other Day.

My parent later call me and started begging me and talking to me.

They later drop the bombshell that the king want to see me the other day.

Watch out for the next episode

Episode 6

I started wondering why the king is calling me. And what have done

wrong to my parent to have receive such beating from my parent.


I wake up early to do all the house chore. When am through with it i

went to great my parent in there room and to remind them about the

king request.

@ the king palace

when me and my parent enter the king palace everywhere is full there

are peoples in the palace, the king guard block the entrance, i saw

the girl that the king prince want to molest in one side the king

son(prince) and his friend.

When we enter we great the king and he told us to sit down.

Guess what happen in the next EPISODE

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  1. Oga ohinaxy abeg try finish a Particular story before u dey begin start up another one i know say u dey try well well but one thing at a time.
    Abeg finish adesuwa i take God beg u if u dey understand bini now i go for speak bini for you Lahor, biko, ejoor….

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