Local champion. Episode 9 and 10.

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After the king judgement the two of them were
bundle into the police van, the king then dismiss
everybody and told my parent to wait behind, after
talking with my parent for like 1hr dey come out side
and we go back home. THE FOLLOWING MORNING :
as i wake up the following morning i met my dad and
mum in the parlour i greet the 2 of them and went to
do the house chore. After the house chore my parent
call me into the parlour to talk to me.
My dad: sit down we have some inportant thing to discuss
I was just wandering wat they want to discuss with
me .
My dad: you see my son you are not getting younger
again, you are getting older you know what happen to
you the other day i dont know who i offend that want to use you to get to me
Me: uhmmmmm
my dad: you see me and your mum have think and
have conclude about what you are going to be doing.
Me: okay sir
My mum: did you know lateef Me: beeni (yes)
Lateef is a rich man in our village is like a brother to
my father he have been in the village since the last 12
years doing business his really rich and yet to have a
My dad: you will have to go and stay with him his ready to sponsore
you to school you know that we
your parent cant really afford to send you to school.
His coming to the village to celebrate christmas so you
will be going with him to the village
I just postrate for them and thanking them.

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On the 25th of december i wake up late feeling happy. As i look my
side my eyes fell on the time it 10:35am gosh i wake up late i jumb
down from my bed to go and greet my parent, on entering the parlour i
met my boss to be in the palour with one sexy damsel by his side
talking to my parent i greet them and went to go and clean my self.
After bathing i put on my new christmas clothe that my mum bought for
me and went to the parlour to go and eat my christmas food wich is
fried rice and chicken lap.
While eating i started scanning my boss to be wife, chai the babe is
really sex hips, and moderate boobs, while looking @ her our eyes met
she just smile @ me,
After the meal i pack the plate to the kitchen for watching and return
back to meet them discussing as i want to pass they call me back to
sit down that the have something to discuss with me.


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