Long lost peace episode 10

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*Episode 10*

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The armies went again for their usual 10 minutes rounds, immediately i started dragging sam for us to be going, but to my surprise after all that happens sam still say we should wait and take permission first, we are doing this until the armies came back and meet us there again, when they saw us, they started pointing their guns aiming to shoot us, and one of them shouted ** sir, he’s definitely crazy!**
Army’s boss: you don’t care about your life, but think about this little girl **he shouted**
Sam: sir, I could’ve disappeared into the night before you returned, but i am a devotee of God, and I don’t… **before Sam able to complete his statement, the army’s boss interrupted him by saying “and you don’t do anything on the sly and you made a promise, don’t you have anything else to say???” helping him to complete his statement**
Sam: I promise you i will return to my country as soon as i take grace to her parents, just give me permission **pleading**
Army’s boss: I told you to go, so why didn’t you?
Sam: that wasn’t any permission, sir it would’ve still been on the sly
**the boss then take a deep breath and look at my face**
Army’s boss: fine, go **on hearing this i gave out a light smile**
Sam: can i go sir? **confirming to be sure of what he heard**
Army’s boss: yes, go.
Sam then look at my face smiling then said, **grace, lets go** as we are going the army’s boss shouted from distance **if you truly are God devotee, then do come back** Sam turns back to him and said **it’s a promise, sir** then we face our front continuing our journey from where we stopped, the army’s boss then said to his men ** you are right, he’s definitely crazy** lel

We continue our journey, walking day and night with just a little rest per day, until we reach the city, then we branch a nearby canteen for a fast food, we oder for food, in no time we were served and sited to eat, on seeing the food i smile, because it been a long time i tasted my country’s food but Sam squeezed his face, I guess he is not familiar with the food that was severed for us.
Sam: Mister! **shouted**
Mister: yes, brother
Sam: can I get something vegetarian?
Mister: what?
Sam: vegetables
Mister: they are vegetables in this
Sam: no, I want only vegetables
Mister: what’s wrong? Is the kid unwell, what’s wrong dear? **referring to me**
Sam: No, she’s absolutely fine
Mister: then are you unwell?
Sam: no
Mister: then why do you want to eat only vegetables?
Sam: owk well, keep this away and get me some tea and bread
**I was just sited eating and laughing at both Sam and the Mister** the Mister brought the tea and bread that Sam oder for and in no time we eat, and both continue our journey, on our way Sam asked me, **did you eat your fill, grace? Now we’ll find your parents very quickly** on our way rushing to find my parents, we mistakenly hit one of the patrolling police men **I was like, e do happen, lel**
Police man: are blind? **shouted angrily**
Sam: no sir **replied softly**
Police man: what’s your name?
Sam: Samuel sir
Police man: are you from this country ?
**I nodded my head for Sam to reply yes, but he didn’t**
Sam: no
Police man: show me your passport
Sam: I don’t have passport
Police man: you don’t have passport, then how did you get into here? **now shouting**
Sam: I crawled under the fence
Police man: under the fence?
Sam: yes, but I took permission
The police man got angry and gave Sam a slap on his face
Police man: I don’t like lies
Sam: I don’t lie, i am a devoted of God **shouted angrily**
Police man: you entered our country in the dead of the night like thieves, do you know who does that? **he shouted back** rats and spies
Sam: I am not a spy and grace is from here, she’s from here **I nodded confirming it to be true**
Police man: I see..she’s from here **laughing**
Then suddenly he shouted **arrest him**
To be continued…
What do you think happens next???

What is our fate after being arrested by the policemen, good or bad!!!

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