Long lost peace episode 11

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*Episode 11*

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We were taking to the police station by the police men, on reaching there we met a news caster man running towards us with his camera man, videoing us on the move
News caster man: tell us about your mission?
Sam: mission? **surprised**
News caster man: yes
Sam: yes, I did take a permission
News caster man: no, tell me in detail, starting from the beginning, how did you get here?
Sam: I crawled under the fence
News caster man: how much are the paying you for this dangerous mission?
Sam: pay? Why will i get paid? i am doing this willingly **surprised by the question**
News caster man: I see you are a patriot
Sam: what? **not understanding**
News caster man: you are a patriot, without a doubt, what the role of this kid? **now referring to me**
Sam: grace’s the main reason
**that enough, get lost** said by one of the police man, then the police men chase him away with his camera man, and we were taking inside the police station, he now said to his camera man to get in front, and hurry up to set the camera, his speech was **as you all saw in our exclusive footage, a spy was arrested along with a five years old kid companion, the child’s been trained so well that she didn’t even speak a word**

**inside the police station**
Police man: what your motive coming here?
Sam: how many times do i tell you? i came here to unite grace with her parents
Police man: keep lying and you’ll never see daylight again
Sam: I don’t lie
**As they were chatting i run toward a picture place on the wall**
Police man: where are you going?
Sam: what happened, grace?
He saw me holding a picture with a place drawn there
Sam: do you know that place? **asking me** I raised my hand up and nodded my head up and down confirming yes
Sam: is that where your home is?
**I nodded again** then Sam immediately stand up to where i am and said to the police man, this is grace’s home pointing at the picture
Police man: what’s going on here?
Sam: we found it sir, we found grace’s home
Police man: what’s all this, what your name? **referring to me**
Sam: she can’t speak
Police man: can’t speak? Why, has the cat got to her tongue? let me see **then he walk to me and started squeezing my mouth painfully ** on seeing this that i am being hurt by what the police man is doing, sam got very angry then hit the police man, beat him up and all the remaining police in the station, I then took the picture then we ran out of the police station, and the news caster man sighted us from distance and started running after us, then we saw a bus and enters it, in which the news caster man sees us, and follows us into the bus too, we are already both sited in the bus, when the news caster man came in and sat in our back not to let us sees him then he called the police station
News caster man: that spy is in the bus
Police man: which bus?
News caster man: the same bus i am in, he’s right in front of me, come quickly
Police station: you fool, which bus is it? **shouted angrily **
News caster man: it’s a bus going down town

**back to me an sam**
Sam then ask the conductor collecting the money in the bus that
Sam:Sir, do you recognize this place?
conductor: don’t joke mister, just tell me where you want to go
Sam: this child is from this country, i don’t know how she gets to my country alone, but i think she got separated from her parents, she can’t speak but she recognizes this place **pointing at the picture he’s holding** I am sure she belongs from somewhere here
Conductor: are you not from here?
**I nodded to sam for him to say he is from here but he refused**
Sam: yes, am not from here
Conductor: how? **confused **
**I nodded again to sam not tell him anything but he still refused again**
Sam: I crawled under the fence of the border but with permission
Conductor: you came all the way here to find the parents of this child? **pointing at me**
Sam: yes, why?
Conductor: I am just surprised, i wish they were more people like you in both our countries, show me the picture.

He then walk up to the front sit and ask everybody in the bus **does anyone recognize this place? take a good look! pointing at the picture** but everybody said *no* passing it to the next person until it reach the news caster man at the back sit and sam look at his back saw him and immediately recognized him from the police station, they just look at each other without uttering a word.
**the news caster man already heard all what sam said before and has already had a change of heart immediately** forgetting that he had already inform the police the bus that we are inside.

The police men use their car to double cross us and stop our bus.
To be continued…
What do you think happens next???

Will the police men be able to catch us and arrest us again or not!!!

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