Long lost peace episode 12

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*Episode 12*

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We are still in the bus going, when we saw a police van coming our way and we quickly stop the bus and move out to climb on top of it so that they won’t be able to find us **me sam and the news caster man** not after we’ve already inform all the passengers and the conductor to tell the police men they didn’t see us at all.

The police men double cross the bus we just came down from earlier and stop it then walk inside searching for us, they ask everybody inside if they’ve seen a man with a little girl in the bus, which they all reply *no* then they came down from the bus
Police man: sir, that girl was pointing towards a picture of the mountains, that may be her home.
DPO: then where’s the photo?
Police man: they took it away
DPO: check all the buses on the highway for them
Police man: yes sir **and they left**

**we on top the bus**
News caster man: either you are brave or a big fool, you just enter our country without any fear **referring to sam**
Sam: this was the only way to bring grace home
News caster man: but how will you find her parents?
Sam: God will help me.
We came down from the bus and the conductor find a nearby hotel for us to sleep and rest cause it’s already late.
Conductor: you’ll be save here tonight, but brother be sure you leave by dawn **then he walk up to his bus and they zoom off**

The next morning, we woke up starting to continue the search for my home with the news caster man in which he was just following us videoing all that is happening, sam then walk up to a man in the hotel then tell him all that happens, aiming to ask him if he knew the place **mountain** in the picture
Man: so that’s the case
Sam: yes
Man: I’ve never been to the mountainous regions, but they are some people here who may belong from there, wait let me ask
**he then walk up to the people standing and ask them**
Man: everyone please take a good look at this picture and tell me where it is?
In which non of them can identify the place **because the mountain that is in the photo is not ours i just use the picture as an example of how our place look like**
Man: owk, you may all leave

Then suddenly we heard a police van sirens outside the hotel that we are inside, which means the police men parked outside in front of the hotel we are in, with the information that we are inside the hotel. As they were about to enter the man that sam was talking to quickly walk to them and said
Man: stop, please keep your weapons in your van first **one of them then reply him **
Police man: sir, did you see a stranger around with a child here?
Man: no
Police man: are you sure, cause this stranger can be dangerous, he’s a spy
**the man then laugh and said**
Man: do you think i have the formula for the atom bomb, which he will come here to steal?
Police man: owk, but if you see any stranger, then do inform us immediately
Man: of course

Then the police left and drive off, the man return go us and said
Man: it’s difficult to get out of here
News caster man: So what will we do now? **asking no one in particular **
the man then take a deep breath and said **I have an idea**
he then came up with a plan, that we should disguise ourselves

**back to Sam’s father’s wife**
Sam’s wife told her father about sam intention of taking grace home himself.
Wife’s father: what!!! Sam has left our country? how could he? Who gave him passport and visa **he shouted at his daughter**
Sam’s wife: he went without them
Wife’s father: without them? You mean he went out of our country without a passport and a visa? **he shouted again**
Sam’s wife: please calm down, or you will get sick
Wife’s father: you don’t know what those country will do to him **he shouted again**
Sam’s wife: this is all your fault, if you hadn’t been obstinate about sending grace home, sam wouldn’t have gone himself, he’s badly in trouble because of you, now do something **she shouted at her father crying**
Wife’s father: what can i do?
Sam’s wife: if you don’t do anything, then i will go look for him my self
Wife’s father: what?
Sam’s wife: without a passport and a visa too! **she shouted and left**

**Back to us in our disguise**
The man gave us a bike then we drove out of the hotel unnoticed which the news caster man is still videoing all that is happening, then we started asking people we see on the way about grace home, but still the same because no body was still able to recognized the picture to grace’s home.
Sam: I was thinking about turning my self over to the police, then somehow the police will find her home
News caster man: don’t even think about it, you will rot in jail for the rest of your life and no one will be ever have a clue, and how do you know the police are going to try as hard as you to find her house? They will look for a day or two and they will Send grace to some orphanage
Sam: i won’t let that happen, because I promise God that i will take grace home and i will
News caster man: hmmm, there is a way to help you
Sam: how? **happy**
News caster man: television
Sam: television??? **confused**
To be continued…
What do you think happens next???

How will the news caster man able to help me with a television, if so will it be a successful idea or not!!!

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