Long lost peace episode 13

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*Episode 13*

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The news caster man then told sam that he has an idea of a way to help us, which is by a television **I was confused too** then he call his boss in his office and explain everything about me and sam to them, and how sam want to take me home himself.
News caster man: according to me it’s an explosive story
Boss: no, but your story on the spy was much better
News caster man: but sir, he’s not a spy **then his boss hang up on him** then he called one of his college and explain his plans to him
College: what’s the point of showing the story?
News caster man: a child will be re-united with her parents
College: reunite with her parents? **angry and also hang up on him too**
Then he said **hatred is easy to prove but love isn’t** his camera man then call him and was already in the detention of the police, **don’t know why** and the police men oder him to put his phone on loud speaker for them to hear their conversations
News caster man: hello brother
Camera man: thank God I was worried about you, where are you?
News caster man: is there anyone around you?
Camera man: no, there’s no one, are you with that spy?
News caster man: he’s not a spy, he’s a very nice man
Camera man: what do you mean by he’s not a spy?
News caster man: he only came here to bring the girl home
Camera man: owk, but where are you now?
News caster man: we are going to the temple, it’s said that everyone’s wishes get fulfilled there
Camera man: okay, brother take care, goodbye.
The police heard all the conversations and even about we going to temple.

The next morning we took a bus and went to the temple, on reaching there the news caster man told us to go that he will stay out side, we enter to make a wish, while the news caster man set his camera and shoot a short video saying **greetings, this is the morning news and today am going to tell you about a man who entered our country without a passport nor visa by crawling under the border fences with permission and his name is Samuel, just like the police even i believed that this man is a spy, then who is he? Why did he come to our country? What does he want? Sam is a common man like you and me and he has just one motive to for coming here *love* his love for a 5years old mute girl who got separated from her parents, when all other options failed, Samuel had only this one option left to reunite her with her patents himself, every channel has refused to show this story, they say it’s nonsense, no one is interested in it, so please help Samuel so that he can take this kid home and return to his country safe and sound** in the temple we went to make a wish, my mother was there too to make a wish to **which is obvious we all know her only one wish for her daughter to return back home safe and sound too** after the news caster finish with his video and doing some editing for him to post it online, he then saw his camera man that called him the other night to ask where he was, coming to the temple with some police men **on seeing this he understand what is about to happen** then he post the video then ran to meet us for we to leave the temple immediately, informing us about the police and his camera man, and we started running out of the temple, the camera man is now calling him to know where we are
Sam: answer the phone
News caster man: why?
Sam: I will tell you after **then he pick it**
camera man: hello, brother, are you okay?
News caster man: yes
Camera man: did you go to the temple?
News caster man: yes, I did last night
Camera man: I see, so where are you now?
News caster man: now…hmm we left the country
Camera man: left the country?
News caster man: yes
Camera man: I see, okay will call you later
News caster man: goodbye
Camera man: take care. **and they left**

Then that’s when we are able to get out of the temple
News caster man: bother, finally you lied
Sam: no, I didn’t
News caster man: but you made me lie
Sam: so what?
News caster man: whatever
Then we sat down to look the video he posted online while watching it, I saw my mother in the video and i started pointing her and sam asked, do you know her? I nodded yes, is she your mother? I nodded yes again and raise my hand up, on seeing this they rewind the video to know where my mother was coming from and saw her came down from a bus, and then we trace where the bus was coming from.
To be continued…
What do you think happens next???

Were we able to locate my mother as we trace the bus or not???? !!

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