Long lost peace episode 14

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*Episode 14*

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We sat down to watch the video the news caster man posted online, i then saw my mother in the video, then the video was rewind to know where she was coming from, and we saw her came down from a bus, then we look the plate number of the bus to trace where my mother was coming from.

After searching for the bus through it plate number, we then saw it and ask the drive where the bus is coming from and he told us, then sam ask me is that the name of my place, and i nodded yes with one of my hand up, then we take our leave to finally go to my home.
The video the news caster man posted online was watch by many people and was seen by the police too, that’s when they know we did not left the country, then a search warrant was issue on three of us, on our way going to my place, we saw police men searching every bus on the road for us, on seeing this, sam told the news caster man to take me home by himself so that the police men won’t catch all of us at the same time, then sam came out of the bus first while we are still inside with our both face down, to distract all the police from us for us to be able to leave without being sighted, when he came down then saw him and one of the shouted **that’s him** then they all started chasing sam, while me and the news cater man came down from the bus for him to take me home, after all the police are gone chasing sam, when we reach our place i pointed it and started running towards there, which the news caster man brought out his camera and started videoing again as I was running home **in my mind i was like “am coming home! am coming home!! tell the world that am coming home!!!” lolz** I was still running when i saw my mother and she saw me too and we both started running toward each other while the news caster man was still videoing us, which we we’re both crying **me and my mother** my mother continue running towards me shouting my name as we both grow nearer, then she carry’s me up when we meet, holding me tight **still crying, tears of joy i think** the news caster man was just standing videoing the emotional moment.

**back to sam**
After a while of chasing, sam was caught by the police men, and was beaten seriously and was even shoot by one of the police when he wanted run again, and fell of the Clift into the river.
The video the news caster man posted online while we are in the temple was spread all over the countries, and was even seen back at sam country, by his father’s wife and even Sam’s wife too or let me say it was seen by everybody all over the world, but that will be an exaggeration, truth to be told, it killed the internet, and was even watch in news **that’s when i understand when the news caster man said he will help us through a television** even seen on phones, printed on news papers in a large scale.

**back to the police in the station**
They’ve all heard of Sam’s story that he was not a spy.
DPO: i don’t care what the press, the media, and the common man are thinking, for us he’s a spy
One of the police interrupts
Police: but sir, the child’s parent have confirmed that she got separated from them **another police interrupts again**
Police: and sir, the people of sam’s country are growing sympathetic towards him
DPO: hmmm, so then tell the press and the media that he has been admitted and confirmed himself that’s he’s a spy, then we’ll see about the people’s sympathy.

Fortunately for sam he did not die, after being shoot by one of the police men, but was still rescued by them and was being taken to the station for torturing, for him to be forced to confirm he was a spy himself, but which he refused and was still on the truth, the police went go confirm at the first police station sam took me to, and was confirmed that he’s saying the truth, then they call their DPO to inform him, but he refuse to hear them and said they should keep torturing sam until he accept he is a spy.

The news caster man posted another video online and was seen in the news, phones all over the countries, **especially both country mine and sam’s** this was even more emotional that the first one he posted, saying **sam, or better know as Samuel, is a man who risked his life to reunite a small child with her parents, why did sam do such a thing? For money, fame, no, but sam did this because of he has a clean and honest heart, he did it because he didn’t see grace as a child from another country, but as another human being, but unfortunately, this godsent is stuck amidst the hatred between both countries **mine and sam’s** and today this hatred has force Sam to hide like a criminal, let’s stop this hatred now and we need to do this, we the people of both countries, who want to raise their children with love not hatred, so come let’s finish this hatred, tomorrow morning, let’s head towards the border separating both countries, **on hearing this, the DPO inform the police men seal the border** let the people from both the countries come there and see to it, that no one stops samuel from crossing the border or stop him from going home**

With this video sam was oder to be released and go back home to his country.
To be continued…
What do you think happens next???

Was sam able to cross the border back home to his country or not!!!

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