Long lost peace episode 15

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*Episode 15*

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(The finale)

On the next day that sam is going home, the police men has already reached the border and seal it, then they saw millions of people, young old, small big, fat thin, father mother, son daughter, of both countries coming at both side to the border even sam’s father and his wife were among, even the news caster man.
Sam is being hold to walk cause of all the torture, then he saw the news cater man.
Sam: grace?
News caster man: brother, we have fulfilled our promise made to God, grace is with her parents now as we speak ** sam then hug him crying**
Then the news caster man said as sam was leaving
News caster man: do come back, and this time don’t crawl under the fence, but with proper visa **he said crying too**
Sam: I promise **then he continue going**
The news caster man started shouting **samuel! Samuel!! Samuel!!!** and the rest of the millions people started shouting samuel too, **in which sam was moved by it, still crying** they made way for sam to pass through still shouting his name, then sam reach the gate of the border and one of the police at the gate shouted stop!
The man holding sam to walk now said open the gate!!!
Police: sir, we have orders to arrest him
Man: if this man had risked his life to bring your lost child home, wouldn’t you have opened the gate?
Police: you know i can’t open the gate
Man: do you hear those voices? **referring to the people shouting sam’s name** Its the voice of both counties, if they can see the difference between right and wrong, then why can’t you? After all you are a police, you should know better
Police: we have orders sir, to stop this man from crossing the border **by their DPO not knowing another order as been made for sam’s leave** but he may leave
Man: good

Then he, and the rest of his police men move back and clear the way for sam to pass through, in which the border gate is still lock, then the people from my country run towards the gate and begins to hit the padlocks all over the gates, for sam to be able to pass through, in no time the gate was opened by my people breaking all the padlocks, meanwhile they we’re still shouting sam’s name, I then saw sam distances afar, then came down from my dad’s neck and started running towards sam, in which my mum and dad too are in the race with all my county people running toward the border, I was running in between the people standing which made my father started shouting my name to stop, which i didn’t, which I eventually stops at the gate border then they both meet me there.

Sam then walk alone through the border with a stick in his hand to support his walking, to go to the other side, which is his country, then his wife saw him distance away and started crying, I reach the border side, standing waving my hands for sam to turn back and see me, but he didn’t, then i ran towards the gate and waving but still he didn’t turn back, on sam reaching their border gate, his wife shouted his name, shifting his attention to them, he then look where the shout came from and saw his wife and his father’s wife, then smile.

**back to me waving for sam to turn back**
As i saw him walking towards his country border, I can’t hold it again, and i made an attempt to shout his name **already forgotten that am mute** for God so good I shouted him name Samuel! Samuel!! Samuel!! three times holding my neck as if i wanted to vomit something, which got my parents surprise seeing me able to talk for the very first time, then sam heard a voice calling his name, but was different from the rest voice shouting him name from both sides, then he stop and turn back to see where the voice is coming from, he look around then saw that it’s me, I wave my hand again for him to notice me, **in case he didn’t see me** and shout his name again, then he smile which we both started running towards each other, people on both side started clapping hands, which my both parent are just shedding tears of joy, on reaching me he threw away the stick he was holding and i shout his name again still running towards him, then we met, and he carry me and throw me up. **both crying**

“This is how i become the reason of peace between both countries”


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