Long lost peace episode 3

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*Episode 3*

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Immediately the next day my mother has started parking some of her stuff an mine happily, like a student going on a excursion for the very first time, **not knowing what the future hold for me** buh I don’t blame her sha, because which mother wont be happy to see her daughter whom was not able to talk, read or write before, now found a solution to it, that won’t be happy.
When she was through, she bid my father a good bye with a sweet romantic kiss **or let mi say kisses**lol

We headed to d train, due to not be able to afford the money of transportation by air, all the transactions was done and in no time we are already sited in the train, waiting for it to start. While sitting there waiting for it to move, most of everybody in the train has already been dozing **I mean sleeping** even my mother, so while I was looking out side through the window glass, *that when my destiny begins* I saw a lamb which I love very much due to that my father train them, so I got down the train to play with it, while I was playing with it, I was carried away not knowing when the train begins to move, I was still playing with the lamb, until i heard the sound of a train being started, it has already started moving before I could notice it, which my mum is still inside sleeping, I was running after the train not able to shout **stop or wait** cause I wasn’t able to talk, when I continue running after it while the speed of the train increases, I stop breathing heavily, due to that I was not able to meet up, I now sat down on the ground crying.

While I was crying an unidentified train stop in my front going the direction of the first train, which was the train my mother was in, I was so happy while I enter it, not knowing it has a different destination from where the other train is going, while the train move forward a little going the direction of my mothers train, it now started moving backward **which made me confused** now going toward his main destination, i wasn’t able to jump down due to it speed, in no time I saw my self in a train moving to another country.

**back to my mother’s train**

She woke up from her sleep due to the noise, and notice I was not beside her, she stood up almost immediately in surprise, asking from one sit to another in the train if I was seen by them, some ignored her some said they didn’t see me, buh one man said he saw me playing whit a lamb before the train took off, buh he didn’t notice if I was in the train or not when it took off, my mother shouted jacking the man like the man was my security guard to look after me, putting all the blame on him, not knowing she was to blame by sleeping off with a little child beside her in a train full of strangers. When her train reaches where it going, she immediately jump down shouting her daughter was in the train before it start buh she did not see her again after when she woke up from her sleep, that a man said he saw her outside the train before it take off. So the security guards there at the boarder told her to wait that they will go and search for her, they went to search for me and came back without seeing me or any trace of me **how will they, when have already enter another train going the opposite country**

Security guard: we re so sorry madam, we aren’t able to find your daughter
My mum: what !!!**she screamed in tears and fainted immediately** she was immediately rushed to the nearby hospital, when she was treated she open her eyes and saw my father, she was surprise on how my father was able to get there, she ask in a sleepy voice
Mum: how was you able to get here?, how do you know I was here? **she ask curiously**
Dad: I was called with your phone, you remember you drop it so that we will be able to communicate when you reach the state, when I saw the call, all my mind I believe it was you, not until I heard a man voice asking did I know you and I said you are my wife, that when he explain everything to me **he said almost crying**
Mum: am sorry **she said in a pleading tone**
Dad: to need to be sorry, it had already happened what we need now is a solution **he said calmly**
Mum: it all my fourth **she shouted crying**
Dad: don’t say that dear, everything happen for a reason
Mum: so how am I able to see my daughter again **she asked**
Dad: don’t worry dear, have already conducted a search for her from the police, we will see her soon **he assured her**
Mum: owk **she hopefully pray so in her mind**
Dad: all is well

Days past, months past, almost a year yet no any tangible information about me, my parent has already loose hope, because all the search for me was all negative, no any trace it just like I never even existed before. **how will they find me, when am not in their country** And all the search warrant of me is being drop, buh my mother didn’t loose hope, she has in mind that everything happens for a reason just like she was told by father, and has it in mind also that *All is well*

**back to me**

The train I was in landed me in the enemies country
To be continued…
What do you think happen next???

What does fate holds down for me in the enemies country, positive or negative !!!

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