Long lost peace. Episode 4

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*Episode 4*

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I was asleep in the train due to the lack of sleep, which I didn’t get while I was with my mother. When I woke up I was very hungry, tired and stressed out because I wasn’t able to eat anything for the past two days now **yes, I was in the enemies train asleep for two days which I didn’t get to eat anything, that defines my hunger for food** i was walking helter and shelter looking for food in the enemies country **which I don’t know though that i am in the enemies country**, while still walking i saw a man eating in a food store (canteen) I stopped and start starring at him which he letter notice after a while, he look his back to be sure its him am looking at, when he realized it him am looking, he then look at me with pity eyes and stretch his hand indicating I should come, I don’t think twice which i ran toward him and sat down beside him, and took the cup of what i dont know whats inside and drank all whats inside, he look inside the cup which is now empty and look at me back with a confused eye, then he told the welter to get me a bread for me.
Man: get this kid a bread please
Welter: owk bro, but she’s asking for two
The man look at me almost immediately in an amazed manner, seeing me how I used my fingers to indicate that I want two breads, then he told him to bring it.

While I was eating…
Man: you must have a name? **asking me** which I didn’t answer, I was just concentrating on the food I am eating.
Welter: I tink she is deaf
Man: but she heard me ordering for the bread
Welter: yea, that’s true.
The welter now said let me ask her something writing it in a sheet of paper, when I look at it he wrote *name?* and he said name?, I didn’t answer just still concentrating on my food, and he said
Welter: I think she’s an illiterate
Man: why dont u write it in another language instead?

She is just a kid he said, and look at me and said eat all you want. And he stand up and started going to God knows where, I look at him with a sad face, then immediately I run after him, following him without him noticing, after a while he then notice me, and ask me **why are you following me again?** I just stand looking at him like if I didn’t hear what’s he’s saying, and he look am at me again and deep his hand into his picket bringing out some money or so I thought, he gave me but I didn’t collect it, and he asked, did you get separated from your parents? I reply by nodding my head up and down which indicates a yes, he then said I should say something now, I was just looking at him, he breath in and said **what is this mess** he look around and then carry me to a police station.
Police man: how may I help you?
Man: I found this kid **pointing at me** in the street wandering around, it seems she lost her parents
Police man: so?
Man: I want to drop her here in case her parent come finding her
Police man: you can’t leave this child here
Man: why not? Her parents will come here to file a complaint, right?
Police man: and that if they don’t?
Man: why won’t they?
Look at this pool girl who need help
Police man: still can’t leave her here
Man: why not?
Police man: look at her face and the face of **point at criminals**
Man: so?
Police man: that mean here is a police station not an orphanage, write your detail here if I find anything about this kid, I will call you personally
Man: and till then?
Police man: she stays with you

We went out of the police station took a bus, going were he only know **the man, I dont know his name** we sat beside each other, while the bus is going he said here isn’t your home? I nodded, then he ask again where is it? It must be somewhere now, am just looking at him, and he said again, I know, I will tell you names of cities, and if your home is among these places then just raise your hand like this**he raise his hand** I nodded okay. He started naming cities, which I nodded side ways to all Indicating no, then people in the bus heard our conversations and started naming cities too, which all was still a no, then that was when he told me his name *Samuel* but he said I can call him brother, which I nodded yes, he then ask for my age, not my name because he dont want to start calling different names like the city again, which I reply him with five fingers **which mean I am five years old** he said okay.

We came down from the bus, and behold he took me to his wife parents house
To be continued…
What do you think happen next???

What’s my fate in his wife parents house, good or bad !!!

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