Long lost peace episode 6

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*Episode 6*

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The next morning Sam took me to the embassy, immediately we reach there, I can sense a commotion will take place anytime, we enter and join the queue, in a few minutes we are in front of the man verifying visa documents or so I thought within me
Man: please application passport?
Sam: I dont want to go to your country, I just came to drop her here, for you to send her back home
Man: **facing me now** hello dear, what’s your name?
Me: **I just look at Sam**
Sam: she can’t speak
Man: where’s her passport?
Sam: I dont know where her passport is
Man: then how did you know her country
Sam: yesterday when her country won the match, she started dancing in front of everyone, and she even kissed the television
Man: so that make her what, how do you even know her?
Sam: I met her in the market
Man: what was she doing there?
Sam: how should I know?
Man: go away, we can’t do anything without a passport
Sam: why not? I only ask you to send her home
Man: **stand up angrily** have you lost your mind? Dont you have common sense? Go away, there are other people in the queue **he shouted**
Sam: I dont care, I will leave her here **sam shouted too**
Man: look, this is my last warning, if you dont leave I will call security and throw you out
Sam: and I will call my people and throw you all out of the country
Man: throw me out? **he asked to confirm what he just heard** then he shouted security! Security!! Throw him out.

In blink of an eye, we were throne out by the security, and the commotion started immediately when a bus full of men running to the big gate, Sam quickly grab me, the security there attempted to stop them, but they were no match, people inside the gate were beaten seriously including Sam, buh I was let out because he protected me with his body enduring all the pains and beating for me, after all that we go back home to his father’s in law, when we reach there we saw everybody seriously watching the television **I presume to be news** immediately his father’s wife saw us, he said **I told you to send the girl back and you shut down the embassy instead** the wife now said which his daugther **so she will continue living with us then** no, there’s a travel agent close to my office, i will tell him to make arrangements said the father.

The next day, Sam took me there, and this conversation occurred
Man: no, mister, we dont make passport here
Sam: why not?
Man: why? Well…I have never made one
Sam: strange, lets go **referring to me** but as we are about to take our leave, the man called out again **mister** we turn to hear what he got to say, then he look around and said in a silent tone ** I have a route without passport
Sam: meaning?
Man: I mean I know some people who can help cross the border
Sam: really? **now excited**
Man: yes, I can request them
Sam walk close to him and sit down again then said **please do it, am in real trouble because of this girl** am just there standing looking what the outcome of their conversation will be.
Man: fine, I will have a word with them, but…do you have #150,000?
Sam: #150,000??? **surprise**
Man: yes

We went home an Sam begins to count his savings, then his wife walk up to him and streach her hand towards him with an envelope full of money saying she withdraw it from bank, immediately Sam said **what have you done, this money was the deposit of our house** I know, but right now…its more important to send grace home**was her reply** Sam said **no, if I dont buy a house, your father will get you married to someone else** my innocent husband, you still dont understand do you? Even the lord can’t separate in this lifetime **she reply** and Sam smiled

He took me back to the man with the money to pay for my transport
Sam: how will those agents find grace parents?
Man: these agents have many connections **counting the money given to him**
Sam: sure?
Man: look mister dont you worry, I will call you once we are there
Sam: here is my number **handling him a sheet of papper** as soon as grace is united with her parents, please call me
Man: of course…well we should leave now.
Me looking at the man, something is telling not to go with him, which I hold Sam cloth not to leave with the man, sam said crying **uncle’s taking you home, he’s taking you to your mom, so dont cry, this isn’t your country, you can’t stay here and I can’t go there, since I met you things have been getting worst for me, finally you have the oppourtunity to go home, now let go of me, I beg you let me go, go back to your home I beg you** he loose his cloth from my grip and went out leaving me with the man **crying** I look at him as he was going until I wasn’t able to see him again **then my crying increases to the next level available**
To be continued…
What do you think happens next???

Was I transported back home to my country, to meet my parents or not!!!

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