Long lost peace episode 7

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*Episode 7*

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I was looking at sam as he was going, until i wasn’t able to see him again, then my crying increase from gear one to five, I was still crying when the man took me to a bus aiming that he will take me back home to my country.

***back to sam crying while going back to his wife father’s house***

While he was crying, he then saw me in a moving bus, but he was confused that a bus that is going our direction is not moving out of the country, he then asked a passer by to be sure, that where is that bus going? **pointing at our bus** hmmm, I think it’s going to an hotel down the road, **sam was like what!!!** he asked the man again are you sure, he said yes, Sam said Owk thanks, that will be all.

Sam now started running towards our bus with full speed **angrily** and when he reach the hotel that was described to him by the passer by man, he didn’t see me neither the man taking me back to our county, but something caught his attention **he saw the same bus i was in parked in the front of the hotel** he ran inside the hotel still angry, entering one room to the other, asking anybody he see’s in his way about if they see a little girl taken in, hoping he see’s me before something bad happen, **to avoid story that touched** fortunately for him he saw me in a room sitting beside a woman, and he saw the man that say he will Trasfer me back home too, sitting counting money, on seeing this, Sam understand what is about happen that the man has sold me to the prostitute woman, realizing this Sam eyes turn red immediately almost crying, I drag myself from the woman and run to sam immediately I saw him, and hug him tight, **now we both are crying**

The prostitute woman command some of her tugs to beat sam and take me from him **on hearing this, I was afraid to the bone** but to my surprise sam protected me from them fighting like a trained solider, everybody in the room was surprise which made the prostitute woman to send more tugs in to fight sam, but fortunately sam beat all of the tugs, not leaving a single one behind, I was just at one Conner laughing as the battle is going on, after sam beat all of the tugs remaining the man that say he will Trasfer me back home, sam look at him with a look that can kill a person without even touching him/her **lel, I guess you understand what i mean** now walking towards him in a slow motion, which made the man to be afraid and started begging sam for his life **let’s sit down and talk, please** sam turn a deft ear on what he just said and walk up to him, and gave him the beaten of his life, throwing him out of the window from the hotel room.

Then sam took my hand and carry me on his back going where know to him alone, on our way out of the hotel, everybody outside standing are just looking at sam unable to do anything, they are just making way for us to pass through, while i am on his back still laughing, then he took me back to his wife’s father house to meet his wife and explain everything that happen to her.

Wife: now what?
Sam: now i will take grace home myself
She stand up immediately on hearing what sam said and say **don’t be crazy samuel, you don’t have a passport or a visa, nor do you know any one there, we will think of another way.
Sam: “”all Comforts of the world lie at your feet, one is freed from all the sufferings and ill fates, he who adores and remembers God alone”” I don’t have a passport or visa, nor connections, but I put all my hope in God alone, and nothing is impossible for such a person
**Sam’s wife was just standing hearing what sam is saying and started crying and me too cause i can’t hold it again because of the emotional word from sam**

Sam then walk up to me and carry me on his back once again, bidding good bye to his wife with the intention of taking me back home to our country himself.
To be continued…
What do you think happens next???

Was sam able to take me home back to my country himself or not!!!

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