Long lost peace episode 8

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*Episode 8*

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After sam told his wife his intention of taking me home himself, he then bid her goodbye then walk up to me and carry me on his back aiming to take me back to our country himself.

He knew to take a bus to cross the border will be economical due to lack of money for visa, on our way finding a bus that will able to take me back home, we saw a bus on the road going our direction, and the driver question sam
Driver: hey! stop there, who are you?
Sam: who are you? **confused by the question**
Driver: this is my area
Sam: so when did i say this my own area?
Driver: Owk, are you trying to cross the border?
Sam: yes
Driver: it will cost you #25,000 in cash, if you have the cash then come along, otherwise get lost.
Sam got angry by the drivers statement and said we should be going
Driver: ** on seeing this** he said, the border’s got electric fences all around, 440 volts if touched, it reduces anyone to ashes.
Sam still didn’t listen to him, and we continue walking
Driver: hey! Listen…look here!!!
**Sam turn back** and said what again
Driver: you still don’t get it, if you go that way **pointing our direction** the *BSF* will spot you, they will shoot you on first sight and then asked your ghost whether you are from here or there?
Sam still didn’t listen and took my hand for us to continue going and the driver shouted again
Driver: listen! It’s not easy to cross the border, I have connections on both sides, come on get in the bus, it’s for the best interest of the kid **pointing at me** it will only cost you #50,000
Sam: **surprised** but you said #25,000
Driver: yea, #25,000 for one person
Sam: why will grace pay? she’s going home
Driver: **surprised** going home, how come?
Sam then explain everything that happen to him from the very first day he saw me
Driver: hmmm, I knew from the moment I saw you, that you are a very righteous man
He then agree to take both me and sam for #25,000

In no time we are in front of the border
Driver: **talking in a silent mode** listen.. on the other side of the fence are the army, they takes rounds in every 10 minutes, there are four tunnels under the fences, we will have to crawl thorough the tunnel within 10 minutes and get on the other side, and *wholaa* welcome to your country!

We all did as he said and we got on the other side which is my country
Driver: come quickly, let’s go
sam: I will go only after i take permission
Driver: ** on hearing what sam just said he turn back to sam** what? What did you just say will you take?
Sam: I will take permission from the army after that I will now go into the country
Driver: hey, this isn’t the place to crake jokes Owk! Lets go…come on
Sam: I am a devotee of God, will never do anything on the sly
Driver: are you crazy? They will shoot all of us, Come on let’s go please **he said and started going leaving me and sam** then I started dragging sam to let’s us go, to follow the driver
Sam: grace! grace!! grace!!! We’ll first take permission first
The Driver then run to us again and said
Driver: i knew the moment I saw you, that you are crazy, grace please tell him to let us be going, hey look the army are coming! Come on run!!! Or you will die, you won’t live through this ** he said that running away keeping me and sam standing** i started dragging sam with all the strength I had, but still can’t move him an inch **lolz**
Sam: grace wait, we’ll take permission first
Then the armies sighted us from distances and shouted ** hey! Who are you??? ** on hearing this I was afraid and started sweating even though we are in the night** lel.
To be continued…
What do you think happens next???

What does fate hold for us, would we be shoot dead by the armies or not!!!

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