Long lost peace episode 9

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*Episode 9*

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The armies sighted us, and commanded us to stop where we are, then they all match up to us where we are standing. Immediately they reach where me and sam was standing they started cracking their guns aiming to shoot us, and one of the army said wait which i guess will be their boss **don’t know though just guessing ni**
Army’s boss: who are you, what are you doing here in our border??? **shouted**
Sam: hmmm, am here to take her back home to her country **pointing at me** she got separated from her parents, and am taking her back to reunite with them
**on hearing what sam just said i nodded my head to confirm what’s his saying to be true** one of the army now said **sir, this is a story we’ve never heard before** he then told them to lower their weapons **that’s when i knew he was their boss** then he walk up to sam and said
Army’s boss: then why didn’t you just leave, when you are opportune to?
Sam: I am a devotee to God, never do anything on the sly, I was waiting hear for your permission
Army boss: this another’s country border, if at all you wanted a permission, then why didn’t you go to the country embassy?
Sam: I did go to the embassy, isn’t it, grace, didn’t we? **facing me, i nodded my head confirming** but they threw us out
Army’s boss: Owk, so how did you get here?
Sam: one driver brought us here
Army’s boss: Driver?
Sam: yes, he is an agent, he said he has connections on both sides
Army’s boss: what nonsense!!!
Then how did you get on this side of the fence?
Sam: through the tunnel, we crawled all the way
Army’s boss: tunnel? Where?
Sam: you are standing on it
He move back and said to one of his men to search for the tunnel, then he saw it and said **sir, he’s definity a spy, there is a tunnel here, shall we arrest him?** i immediately nodded sides ways indicating no, then the boss said no too, which I was bit releived
Army’s boss: throw them back into the tunnel, and close it

They threw us back and we crawl back to where we started from, then one of the army shouted from distance **run away or else we will shoot you** I draw sam for us to be going back but he refused.
The armies then went for their 10 minutes rounds, in no time sam took me into the second tunnel and we crawl back inside the border again the second time, I drag him for us to be going but he still insist on taking permistion first, then the armies came back and saw us, was surprised but they didn’t ask any questions this time other than beating sam leaving me out **I just sat down crying **
Sam then see me crying and said ** grace stop crying, don’t worry, its nothing, all the beatings doesn’t hurt at all **the armies heard what he just said, and one of the said, doesn’t hurt at all** whick made them to increase the beating, their boss was just looking how they are beating sam and how am crying and the same time, then he shouted **leave him!!**
Then he asked sam
Army’s boss: how did you come back?
Sam: there’s another tunnel over there
Army’s boss: who told you about this tunnels, the driver?
Sam: yes
Army’s boss: driver! **surprised**
Sam: sir, I’ve promise God that i won’t rest until i reunite grace with her parents
Army’s boss: look, i wouldn’t have allowed you through here, even if you had a passport and a visa, go back right now, it’s for your best interest
Sam: sir i promise i will return back to my country as soon as i find grace’s parents **the boss then look at my face and said**
Army’s boss: look, exactly 10 minutes later, we’ll come back here after our rounds, within those 10 minutes, whether you go this way, entering the country or back there going back to where you are coming from, we don’t know, but if I see you again, I will definitely shoot you myself shouted angrily **and they all start going for their 10 minutes rounds again** sam was just looking at them as they are going, still on his kneel crying while i ran toward where he is and started dragging his hand once again for us to be going not to let the armies meet us there again **to avoid story that touched** but sam still refused insisting on taking permission first, we are doing this for another 10 minutes then the armies arrives again.
To be continued…
What do you think happens next???

Will the army’s boss shoot us dead himself as he said or not!!!

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