Love against clashes. Episode 1

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i coudnt shake off dat disturbing feeling that Dad was never
going to let me run my life, five years in london’s of
Economics, five glorious years of assumed independence and
maturity, hadn’t changed anything. I was still dad son and a
sucker for the lines he handed out.
My hope of working aleasts for 5 good years and also search
for someone ah will love and cherish got to its peak after two
months of work in america. Dad called buh dis tym with a
strange voice…..
Charles: hy Dad
Dad: you ve to return home immediately Charles….
He sounded worried, even agitated
Charles: i will dad. Very soon! I Thought we agreed on that….
Dad: i kmw we did. But situation is different now.
Charles: how dad?
Dad: stin quite terrible just happened, i suppose i took a wrong
decision. But this touches us all, it could run d family if not
properly handled, you ve to return home immediately,
Charles: does it have to do with d Patricks’ company
Dad: yes. It has. As well as his family, just come back home
while at that, be prepared to fight, this z ur fight as well as
Charles: ok dad
I assured him that i will be coming back in d next two days.
Dad:I will be @ d airport waiting.
It was then i knew that d issue was more serious than i
thought. It takes a lot for dad to meet anyone at the airport.

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