Love against clashes episode 14

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Hy charles, she greeted in a voice ringing with excitement, this
must be the greatest surprise of my life. I’m really glad to see
swifty, i pulled mysef together
Charles: i seem to remember giving you my phone number.
Weren’t u too anxious to call?
Mercy: listen Charles, i really meant to call u but truly, alot has
been happening to me lately. Besides i was hoping to call
when i really had time on my hands, so that we could have a
long heart to heart chat.
Charles: really
Mercy: daz d truth
I saw no point in pursuing that line of talk further
Charles: it’s okay. I understand. I can see u are having a swell
time here. I really was on my way out. Have a nice tym.
I pretended to be leaving, but really wouldnt have done that
even if she hadnt stopped me.
Mercy: why, charles? Aren’t u glad to see me? Pls dont leave.
I want u to stay. She was almost pleading?
Charles: stay , y insisting, u do ve a compainion dont u.
Mercy: come off it, now i understand, u ar jealous aren’t u?
Charles: for a lovely girl like u, who wont be?
Mercy: listen, he z just a friend, nothing attached to it.
Charles: thats quite obvious
Mercy: i brought him over as a sort of cover. At parties like
dis, unaccompained women are treated like free women and i
alwasys get pestered by men whenever i attend parties like
this unaccompanied. Thats y i came with hom. So stop being
Charles: well i got every reason to be
She placed a finger across my lips
Mercy: dont say more. You might be forced to withdraw ur
statements later and that wouldnt be nice.
Charles. I dont understand.
Mercy: well till u get to know me
Charles: and when will dat be
Mercy: very soon
Charles how abt now
Mercy: nop cos i dont want us to depart from dis lovely
moment. U might get angry knowing me now
Charles: y shud i get angry with u
Mercy: i did nt say u will buh u might
Charles: i will do anything to stay with u, promise not to let
anything come btw us,
I made promises abt will do dis will do dat
Mercy: lolz will be belive those words wen u get to know me.
Charles: (speechless)

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