Love against clashes episode 2

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Episode two
Concentration was quite difficult as the aircraft began to taxi
in preparation for take-off from the airport. Going home after
five years had put me into an overdrive of thoughts feeling dat
dad was never going to let me run my life.
Like green flies would swarm around a man with a festering
sore, i was tormented by countless questions after that phone
call. I was deep in thoughts wen i heard a sweet sounding
female voice caressed my ears intruding my thoughts,
Girl: i’m sry to disturb u, pls can i share this row with u?
I looked up slowly and felt an electrifying sensation run through
me as my eyes met hers, standing quite close and looking
down at me was d most lovely lady i had seen in a long tym…
She was wearing a body hugging black, knee length gown with
shiny sequins which accentuated her seductive body curves,
her eyes so bright and it seemed to be laughing at some
private joke.i noticed two dimples appear on her cheeks as
she stared steadily back on me,my hrt lurched against my ribs
a million times in that split in second. Before den, i ve been
engrossed in my thoughts that i hadn’t noticed that the seat
next to me had been vacated by its occupants,
Can i sit here please? She repeated

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