Love against clashes episode 3

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Episode 3Can i sit here pls’ she repeated,Charles: sure, y not?I managed to say in a voice i scarely recongnised as mine, i was exicited and absolutely managnetised by her beauty, there was someone on that seat earlier on though, i informed her quite relunctantly, praying she wouldn’t leave.Girl: not to worry, i will return to my seat if he shows up.Somehow she reminded me so much of a young charming gal with who, i had an affair ford better part of my stay in london. We met in a pub in west End, London, just a couple of weeksafter my arrival. And really d circumstances of our meeting should have warned me that nothing good could come out of an affair with agal like Sheila. Didn’t mum always sat that any man who met the woman he eventually marry atd venue of a captivating dance would end up losing that wife the same way? Such woman will abandon her husband and children, if she has any to become a participant at another dancing attraction to sheila was purely physical. She was beautiful, charmingly so. And inspite of d warning bells that rang in my head like a convoyof fire fighting vehicles on rampage, i walked upto her and made her acquaintance, again, d speed with which she latched unto me and agreed to date in my apartment, should have warned me. But i guess the brandy in me didnt help matters.we started dating for close five years i kidded mysef, until just two months to d end of ny stay in london when i caught sheila in bed with a friend of mine. That was d last straw, i put my feet down and called off d affair, it pained me more bcos it happened quite close to the end ofmy stay. If nt, i probably would have made arrangement to have her return to nigeria with me, would mum approve her?? That was unlikely, buh i was almost sure that mum would have eventually accepted Sheila, if it became clear that i was happy with her. That was mum for u, ever so understanding and motherly.***in d plane***well i decided to have a little chat with her b4 she leaves.Charles: am sry to disturb, buh am Charles Smith, mind telling me ur name?I asked confidently, flashing a charming smile inher direction.Girl: am Mercy. Lets just leaVe that. She sounded impatient but i wasnt quite sure.Charles: tell me more about ursef.plss(Girl nw Mercy)Mercy: u really need nt to have introduced ursef. I know alot about u. Far more than u can ever imagine.Charles: how. I was baffledMercy: i know, for instance that u ve just finished studying at the london school of Economics, you ar also returning home after five years …….Charles: (cutts in) wait!!! Who are u???

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