Love against clashes episode 4

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Episode 4Who z dis mystery lady who apparently knew somuch abt me? Was she a frd i had long forgotten? Someone i met in d distant past? I was going to ask more, wen shadow fell across us, it was d seat occupant . She sat up. I was looking askance and she seemed to understandmy dilemma.Mercy: i ve got to returned to my seat now and endure the smoke for d rest of the flightCharles: but I haveMercy: listen i knw u ar curious, we will talk wen we get to lagos, see u then.She rose and began to walk towards the back of d aircraft. My eyes followed her slightly bouncy backside till she disappeared. Her image harrassed me for d rest of the flight.The plane touched the tarmac at the Murtala Mohammed international airport, ikeja exactly 6.30pm.. It was almost an hour behind scheduled time, but that was d least one of my worries. I joined other passengers and began toget off d plane. Mercy was somewer behind me,deliberately, i dragged my steps, desperately hoping that she would catch up with me. Like a drug addict in need of a shot, i itched to have a chat with her and get to the bottom of the questions she raised in we walked into d aircraft customs and security lounge, i looked over my shoulder to see what was holding her back, it took some time to spot her and wen i did, waves of envy, like high voltage electric current, shot through me with a paralysing effect, she was in a company of a man, the man, a middle aged baldfellow, in an oversized suit was holding onto herhand and staring adorinly into her eyes,some men had all d luck, lovely gals end up with most unexpected men. I felt a damning rage as i thought angrily. I will drag Mercy away from her if i daz d only way to get to her. hmmmm who was he? Her husband? I fear ooooTbc

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