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Paula had just gotten admission into the university of calabar to study English and literary studies, she was very excited as her mum dropped her off at the school gate. She then boarded a bus headed for the school library. In the bus is a tall dark guy drawn to the content of the book he is reading. Paula takes her seat next to him. Hi! Paula said. Hi! He replied without taking his eyes off the book. Soon the bus got filled and left for the library. All the passengers alighted and paid the driver and headed to their respective destinations. Paula walked into the library complex as she thought of how the guy had responded, no one said everyone in the university is nice she said to herself as she climbed the stairs. As she went into the lecture hall she saw the same guy in the hall still reading his book. She sat behind him as the lecturer walked in. …..Lecture is on, Paula couldn’t get the incident off her mind. She then decided to talk to him after lectures so she could get it off her mind.Lecture ended. The lecturer left, Paula waited as the guy continued his reading . She proceeded to meet him. Hi she said. This time stretching forth her right hand for a handshake. I’m Paula. The young man lifted his eyes shook her hand and said I’m Michael. I said hello in the bus earlier But your response was kind of cold left me thinking I was invisible. Anyways just wanted to clear my mind bye. Just as she turned to leave. He held her hand. Young lady what did you come to the higher institution to ? Greet everybody and everything you see? Focus on your studies , That’s the only thing that@ should be on your mind..he then let go of her hand. She was dumbfounded as walked out of the lecture hall. Isn’t he being rude and inhuman? She thought to herself. Soon she was done for the day and headed home. How was school today? Her mother asked. Mum it would have been a perfect day if the first person I met in school was nice enough. ……. tell me about it her mother said. She narrated everything that transpired between her and Michael. wow! Bookworm guy I guess, he must have his reasons for acting that way, but That’s not enough to spoil your day honey, her mother said. Go to the kitchen I kept your food in the blue warmer as I didn’t know the exact time you will return. Paula gets her food, ate and washed the dishes. She then went to her room to read but fell asleep shortly, In her dream was Michael holding her hand and taking her around a Zoo. telling her stories of animals, then suddenly he let go of her hand and turned into a mighty cobra.
she started to run the cobra was about to catch up with her when she suddenly heard her mother’s voice. Paula, Paula, she woke up. Still trying to get herself back from the scare. Her mother called again. Paula are you sleeping? As she opened the door. Paula was sweating uncontrollably … Is the room that hot? Her mother asked staring at Paula, I fell asleep mum, Paula replied. Please take a shower and then join me in the kitchen, her mother said as she shut the door behind her.

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Spread the love, please share with friends after reading

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