love that glitters. episode 3

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drink then she remembered she didn’t have any money on her. Her worries increased. She went back to the library. She began to think of What to do. Just then her phone rang. She checked it. Timothy was calling she picked it. Hello! she said. Wait for me in front of the library I’m almost there. Timothy said over the phone and hung up. Soon Timothy joined her and they walked down to the school’s main gate as they talked about their lecturers. When they got to the gate, Timothy asked If she is taking a cab or someone is coming to pick her up. ? she suddenly became sad. Oh I forgot. You left your purse at home, not to worry, I’ll take care of that. I’m not just worried about getting home, I’m worried about my mum too, Paula replied Still sad. I believe she is Fine. Okay I’ll come with you If you Will allow me. Timothy suggested. Thanks I’m grateful she said as she nodded. They boarded a cab to Paula’s house. when they arrived there was No trace of her mum’s car or her mum. Paula was confused. She tried her mum’s number again,still not reachable, tears gathered in her eyes. Timothy kept telling her everything is Okay Maybe just more jobs for her to do than usual.
At about 7:00pm . Paula’s mother returned. She met Paula sleeping on Timothy’s thighs. Timothy greeted her as he tapped Paula to wake up. Paula stood up and embraced her mother, mum What happened? Paula asked. It’s a long story my child, who is this young man? She asked starring at Timothy. Mum this is my friend from school Timothy, Timothy this is my mother. Timothy greeted Paula’s mum for the second time, and pleaded to take his leave as it was getting dark and his mum may be worried. Paula tried to persuade him to stay and have dinner with them but he said he would some other time and he left. Paula tried to find out What happened, her mum said they should get into the house first. When they got into the house, Paula’s mum narrated What happened on her way to work. After dropping you off at school, just by that akim round-about a little girl was crossing the road, I tried to Dodge her and in the process I hit a traffic light. Jesus! Paula screamed. The police arrived at the scene, confiscated my car and I was taken to Akim police station to write a statement. I bless the name of the lord because it wasn’t the little girl I ran over. Thank God, Paula sighed.
Paula went into the kitchen as her mother sat on the sofa in the living room, few minutes later they had dinner, took their bath and went to bed.
It is morning, Paula starts preparing for school as her mum prepares for work too. They had breakfast and left to their various destinations.

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to be continued…..

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