Miss bikini?. Misplacement of beauty contests.

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When I saw this beauty pageant advert, I began to imagine the future of Education in Nigeria. In the past few years now, there have been a lots of emerging beauty and entertainment contest than education and quiz contest.

I can count up to ten beauty contest I have heard this year alone. Miss tourism, miss culture, miss beautiful angel and so on, now miss BIKINI. Apart from cowbell mathematics competition, I don’t think I am aware of any other mathematics competition. No wonder all the kids in our generation are shunning academics for entertainment.

What happened to the organisers of this shitty contests?, why are they more interested in beauty contests than education contest?, let me guess an answer to that, I think they get more sponsors for beauty pageant contests than academic contests.

Sometimes we will be wondering why the best graduating students get laptop and 20k as a reward for hardworking while a dumb head beauty queen would walk home with a brand new kia cerato worth 4 million naira with a year endorsement and overseas trips.

How do we really got it wrong?

What actually lead to this misplaced priorities?

Why is the society valuing beauty pageants more than academic contest?

Why are the beauty pageants getting creamier rewards than the best graduating students?

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