Molested By Tunery004 Episode 4

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Onoke was going towards the main road to see if she could get beef to buy as it was a market day and such market days only come once a week, and it is only on such market days that one could get beef to buy else you wait till the next week or try the nearby towns. Mostly only pork meat and lots of bush meat ranging from grasscutter to bush fowl are in abundance in the market as beef is an essential commodity. Iraokhor market will never be as busy as the Ogbona or Fugar markets, but it still had its fair share of patronage.

Onoke is a beautiful fair skinned lady, she stands about 6ft 2inches with a big D cup size firm boobs and a nice set of legs. Her legs are quite impressive to be candid and she knows this, she always wear short tight skirts to reveal the nice a little curvy long legs, she has a firm backside also although not as voluminous has her ‘frontyard’. She looks elegantly beautiful a fact helped due to her height.

For all her beauty, Onoke loves the masculine life she carried a mohawk styled hair which looks as if it was carved with Achilles sharp knife. Her hair cutely dyed in black and brown on both sides gives her the looks of a super sexy female football player none of which exist in our super falcons.

Her carriage and charisma shows a lady above anything petty, being in her early twenties, she was the choice pick of a lot of guys in the town but confronting her with their intentions seems to be an herculean task for them all as rumour had it that the last guy who tried wooing her albeit in an aggressive manner got the beating of his life.

Onoke was the only girl amidst three boys, she is the last child of her mother and she came about nine years after the last boy. Her father in search of a female child after having three boys seek refuge in another woman but to no avail instead of bringing out girls she had two set of male twins.

Her birth had brought joy and gladness to her parents and she got the best treatment any child could get in the village. Saying she was over pampered was an understatement, her place in the family(being the last child of old age), her sex and coupled with her beauty made her a favorite of everyone that comes in contact with her.
She was given even the best of education, she had to relocate to Benin city for her secondary education and she was one of the few privileged girls to get a university education as she is currently studying marketing from the university of Lagos.

Having been brought up in the midst of boys, she took just after her brothers, she competed with them for everything and hates the pampering she gets from them. She grew up with a mindset that she is equal to the boys in all areas and can best them in any competition.

Onoke has always been a brilliant girl from her childhood, she also has a very good fashion sense unlike everyone in Iraokhor maybe due to her exposures and education.

As she was the pick of guys, she was also the envy of girls, most girls of her age bracket perceived her to be arrogant and proud due to the fact that she is always around guys and never seems to enjoy the company of her female folks except for her bestie Odufua.

Getting closer to the main road she could notice a group of about five boys under the shed of a cashew tree, recognising about two of them she waved to them while one of the boy named Godstime told are to come over.

She crossed over and shook hands with him and the rest of the boys, whilst still greeting one of the boys walked behind her backing the road and point a pistol to her back and told her to quietly walk towards the building down the bush part.

Instantly a blood rush ran through her vain and without even thinking and in a split seconds with everything happening so fast she turned and dragged the gun from him and tried repositioning it to face him. The other boys descended on her with Godstime standing a little aback with a sober look. She was being hit right left and center but she didn’t stop in her tussle for the gun with her hands firmly on it this time. The struggle continued for about 30 more seconds until her strength was waning, gradually falling to her knees but still holding firm to the gun a loud bang was heard poookkkkaaa, and everything stood still.

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