Molested By Tunery004 Episode 5

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It was a Monday morning Femi had arrived school early enough with a lot going on his young mind the year was 1998 and femi was a JSS 2 student of Baptist High School Obanikoro area of Lagos State. He was still reminiscing on the robbery attack on his home that kept him out of school for about two months and that will forever live on in his memory.

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It was a cool Saturday night with everyone in the sitting room watching TV and as usual after the network news it is usually time for bed after saying the family prayers.

Femi lived in a two room apartment popularly called room and parlour. His dad and mum had retired into their room while femi and his two elder sister remain in the sitting room. Femi sleeps on the three seated cushion chair while his two sisters put a foam on the rug.

The family were woken up with sounds of guns spraying sporadically and fear grips everyone in the room. Femi could hear the sound of their neighbour screaming for help before a thundering slap landed on her and she went numb. The sound of the slap kept on resonancing in Femi’s head. Femi’s mum quickly ran into the seating room, took her two daughters and instructed them to hide under the bed in the room and never to come out no matter what happens. She held Femi closer to her bosom while Femi’s dad brought out all the money he had, kept it on the table and sat down majestically on the chair awaiting the entry of the terror ahead. Femi’s mum was brought out of her prayers by the sound of a heavy gunshot and a loud scream which she recognized to be that of the landlord’s wife.

With a single kick the robbers opened the door and gained entrance into Femi’s apartment albeit the door had been opened by his dad.

Robber 1: you guys are even ready why
Robber 2: God will bless you people OK
Femi and family: amen
Robber 3: I hope you guys are not trying to play pranks on us by giving us a little of what is ours?
Papa Femi: no sir, this is all we have
Robber 3: are you sure
Papa Femi: I swear to God sir.

Robber 1 : oya make we go check the other room
Papa Femi: there is nothing left sir, that’s all we have
Robber 2: then you have nothing to fear gentleman, now get up

Papa femi walked two of the robbers into his room where the robbers ransacked the whole room but found nothing, they were about going out when one of them decided to check under the bed.

Robber 1: haaaa so na here una hide, shey una hide money join body for there? Oya fly out now, the both of you

Robber 2: you brought out everything but your girl and the you lied that that’s all you have, anyone who lies will definitely steal, if care is not taking you will live to become a robber, so I will save the nation the misery of having one more robber to worry about

By this time femi, his mum, dad and sisters where all on their knees begging for their lives.

Robber 3: you have what it takes to atone for your life, oya you girls come forward

Robber 2: oya make una pull all una cloth , una must atone for your papa sin

Femi’s mum couldn’t bear it anymore she ran towards her daughters and held them both firmly pleading to the robbers to have her instead of her daughters
One of the robbers hit her with the edge of the gun and she passed out.

Zipping down his jeans, he brought out a hugely looking JT and forcefully dipped it into kemi’s (the younger of the girl) mouth asking her to suck it hard while pointing a gun to her head. Without being taught she sucked the dick with the tenacity of a pro. The second robber took Yemi put her on her fours and without warning penetrated her which brought out a loud scream of pain from her, papa femi was crying while he watched his two daughters being defiled in his presence.

Kemi was still sucking with tears from her eyes when the robber started behaving like an epileptic patient and then lost possession of his gun. In a swift move, papa femi got hold of the gun and was about pulling the trigger when the third robber fired straight at him gbbbooosaaa and papa Femi fell flat on the floor.

The gun shot from inside brought other numerous gunshots from outside showing that the robbers had the territory covered. Femi went dumb and deaf at the same time. The third robber took him and tore of his cloth put a little saliva on his hand, robbed it on his out of trouser diick and forcefully inserted it in is anus. The dick couldn’t penetrate in and he added no saliva to the tip and this time with all the strength he could muster forced his way into the young femi whose voice came trough with a terrible cry of agony before he passed out.

Terribly as it may sound, Yemi on her on part was enjoy the romp has she was audibly moaning and matching her defiler thrust for thrust. The robber lifted her up and press her back to the wall and fvcking her non stop has is speed was increasing so was yemi’s moaning. The sex continued for about a minute until he climaxed and poured his seed into her.

Kemi was having a terrible and torrid time or what more could be terrible that losing your virginity to an armed robber, she was visibly weak and had no strength left to cry she just laid on her boobs with tears rolling down her cheek, whising she could just die and watching her dad, mum and brother lying lifeless on the ground.

Few minutes later the siege was over, the robbers had left their room and moved to the next one. Yemi tried waking her mum and brother but to no avail, but to the surprise of both ladies papa femi got up to his feet with blood dripping from his cheek. The bullet had missed him by whiskers and it only scratched the surface of his skin but he was wise enough to pretend to be dead. He got to his feet went into the roo, brought a bucket of water poured it on both his wife and son as the both gasp for air.

Femi tried standing but he couldn’t even move blood was gushing out if his anus, Kemi was still lying on her boobs unable to move, the family were all in tears and wailing when suddenly the robbers retuned and points the gun at Yemi to move out. No one could utter a single word as they all watched as Yemi was marched out of the room and disappeared into the night with the robbers.

To be continued!!!!!

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