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Onoke contd

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Onoke couldn’t believe her ears and with tears dripping down are cheeks, she stripped down to her birthday suit and lay on the dead body. She couldn’t control the tears as she began to cry loudly. She lay on the body without moving her own body, she could feel the strong rod fully erected searching for her puvssy hole but she was hell bent on not letting it into her, she made her pvssy wall tighter and her legs firmly closed.

Without her knowing how it happened, the rod of nimrod had part open her legs and found its way into the deep forest, like it being controlled, it was a gentle and slow movement, hitting each side of her Kitty-Cat wall. The rod continued with a kind of circular motion all around the outer part of the pvssy, no deep penetration but she was having this tickling feeling on every part of her body. Her tears were drying up and she was having an undescribable feeling.

In a single throb the rod found its way into her wet pvssy and she gulped for air with her mouth opening wide. The rod remained unmoved in her for few seconds then it began moving in and out of her slowly. By now she was wriggling her waist to the momentum of this dickk. It was slow, stylish, steady and smooth, she had never had it this good. It was more of love making than sex. The road continued the slow movement, hitting every nook and cranny of her pvssy wall without any form of force, touching every part of her inner tighs in an oscillatory motion. She was drippingly wet, in fact soaked up now. She could feel the rod hitting her chest and suffocating her throat, it was as if it was going to come out from her mouth. The rod continued its slow love making session with Onoke moaning at every slow thrust, the delay in the each thrust was killing at the same time pleasurable, she wanted it faster but at the same time she wished it continued this way.

As if reading her taught, the dicck pick up the pace, and was hitting her very hard, she couldn’t bare it anymore she wasn’t moaning anymore but was shouting. The pace was more than she could bare, her boobs dangling as if it will fall off anytime soon. She was jumping up and down the body, too fast , then she fell off the body.

Then she saw david’s body lift off from the mat it laid wit his face facing the sky lying on thin air, then it did a one hundred and eighty degrees turning the fell on her body with his dickk entering straight into her now wide and expectant pvssy. The fear on her face turned into excitement as she began to feel the movement if this long pvssy smashing dickk in her, she held tight the body has it penetrated the deepest part of her world. She was in no mans land as she saw herself flying in the sky, sitting atop the pyramids and eating cup cakes, here she was fulfilling her childhood dreams, she wished it could continue but then her strength was waning. She returned to the room with the body still hitting her but she couldn’t move her body anymore, she was worn and smashed, she wanted to speak but words failed her.

There she was with life draining out of her body, with no strength to push the body over, and the body itself never seem to be stopping soon. Just in time, the priest came in and called off the body from her, with the body floating on air, turning 180 degrees again before returning to the mat.

Onoke not knowing what was happening around her slept off with a smile on her face.

She woke up late in the evening still lying beside the dead body, she was gripped with fear and was about running out of the room when she saw that she was Unclad. She felt her body and felt something like fluid in her pvssy, she tried recalling what happened and a devilish smile was all over her. Soon her fear disappeared and she moved closer to the body, untied the wrapper over his legs and brought out his dicck, but to her surprise it was not was she imagined, she tried stroking it to life but it remained numb, she dipped it in her mouth, sucked and licked, but it wasnt responding like MTN numbers. Tired of trying she left the body, looked at herself, looked at the body and burst into tears.

What’s happening to me she wondered, what has she done to deserve this, where will this end? What is it with this urge pushing her to a dead body, she had never being necrophiliac or thanatophiliac. She was in her deep taught when she heard the scream of her mum from outside, she sprang up and ran towards the door but it was locked from outside

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