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Femi was brought out of his taught when his friend Kasali hit his desk. Kasali was a very rough student, having been brought up at the other side of Onipanu popularly called Mushin. Mushin is a part of Lagos state known for its notoriety and bad boys.

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Kasali was happy to see him after two months of absence from school, the whole school had learnt of the robbery with different accounts of how it happened.

Kasali: femo , ow far now, thank God you are OK

Femi: (soberly). Thanks

Kasali: how far with your sister, has she been found?

Femi: not yet ooo, the police says they have gotten a new lead on her whereabouts.

Kasali: I can feel your pain, but you need something to kill the thinking

Femi: am not really thinking anymore jare

Kasali: come make we go Igbo ogede make I show you something

Femi: please let me just stay here, you know I still have enough note to copy

Kasali: make we go joor, you go see say you go like am there

Kasali dragged femi out of the class towards the bush part that leads to the school farm until they got to the well spoken of Igbo ogede. They met some couple of boys and two ladies alla smoking different kinds of sticks, with the smoke in the area affecting femi’s eyes, he tried going back but kasali urged him on.

Getting closer to the guys, Kasali exchanged pleasantries with them all and instantly the guy in the middle who was acting like the leader recognized Femi and stood up to hug him. Femi was shock and surprised at the same time.

Leader: man sorry about the robbery in your house, those robbers go meet their doom soon. Thank God they didn’t hurt any of you and God will return your sister hale and hearty in Jesus name. Me wey don dey eye that your beautiful sister some foolish eddioot come wan carry her go, na God go punish them.

Femi didn’t know whether to laugh or say amen, all he did was just smile while the leader asked one of the girls with them to wrap a special for him to enable him forget his worries.

Femi declined the wrap of weed passed to him but he was urged on by the rest of the group that it will ease his worries. Femi put the weed in his mouth and inhaled the smoke, he started coughing profusely and water was running down his face. The rest of the group burst into laughter hysterically with some calling him bolo, otondo, jjc and more.

He dropped the smoke and told Kasali that he was leaving, the leader asked him to take another shot at the weed and he will see what they have been saying but this time he should inhale it slowly and not to swallow the smoke but puff it out.

Femi did just as he was told and he could feel a soothing feeling and everything around him seem cool. He took a sit under the banana tree and with great interest now he smoked the rest of the weed. Half way into the weed, his head was swollen and his leg heavy, he tried standing up, the ground seem higher than usual he lifted his leg so high and fell on his face while trying to work.

The leader of the group asked him to be taking to the inner room and asked one of the girls to Bleep the weed out of him and make sure he is ready for class in thirty minutes.

femi was taking into the inner room and stripped off his cloth and the girl brought out his dickk and massage it to life and sat on it in a reverse cowgirl style. She bleeped him like a pro she is, her strength level was amazing has she continued satraffing him with great pace for about ten minutes. All this while femi was in dreamland, he could see the face of the robber who defiled him and he was running away while he chased him ferociously, he tried escaping through a narrow path but unfortunately for him, the road was a dead end and his defiler caught up with him, took him and was tearing off his trouser when he suddenly woke up to the grinding of the girl. Fear was written all over his face but the smilling face of the lady riding him made him relax a little.
He pushed thew girl to her fours and without permission, he bleeped her silly like a man possessed. he was going with a strength he never taught he had bringing out screams from the girl. With his knees hurting, he laid her back to the floor, and laid on her in the missionary style, he bleeped her while also tickling her labia with his finger, he raised his body from her the raised her legs to his shoulder so he could have a depper penetration, the girl by now was professing her love to him telling him he should be the father of her kids and some other beautiful nonsense.

Her words were the motivation he needed and he removed her leg from his shoulder and pressed it towards her own shoulder which made the now pink pvssy easy to plung int. Without control he bleeped away like the girl had offended him before, the lady obviously tired now told him to please stop as she had came more than three times. Femi was not done, he was yet to spill his yougourt like ademoladeji he kept on firing he pvssy which was already burning and dry, it was pain to the girl now as she pushed femi away with all the force left in her. She looked at him sitting helplessly on the floor and saw his hard dicckk not seem to be going down, she knew the weed won’t be totally clear until he poured out his akamu,so she offered him his anus. He stayed for few seconds, looked at the hole, set his dicckk at the entrance, moved his body a little aback, and was about going in when he saw the face of his defiler smilling sheepishly at him, as if remoted, he stood up took his shirts and shorts and found his way out of the room to the amazement of the girl……………………………

Femi got back from school to the news that his dad had been rushed to the hospital, his HBP condition had increased sparodically since the robbery and his condition had detorieted a lot. His mum on the other hand had not being herself eversince the robbery also with the incidence affecting some part of her brain and making her have what people in the area called skoin skoin.

Femi was tired of the bad news algl around his home so he decided to look for some where to ease his mind so he walked over to mushin to meet Kasali for another round of what he gave him in school.

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