Molested!!!!!!!!!!!. Episode 10.

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A story by tunery04.

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Osa cont’d

Don Nesta is the drug and trafficking kingpin in Naples, he controls one of the most sophisticated and organized drugs channel. He was barely seen but his name was a dread and feared one in the business. Although he was in Naples or Napoli like we call it, his influence and market cross beyond all the cities of Italy, with Milan has his most profiting city.

Returns from Milan had be dwindling over the course of the past year, due to the arrival of some new faces in the market, and he had given instruction that the new boys should be brought down.

Don Nesta rules the gambling, prostitution,trafficking and drugs market albeit only second to the little known of but highly respected Godfather.

Osa realising where he is was gripped with fear, he knew this will probably be his end just like most people in the club with him the other night, most of whom where shot at pointblank range. But he made up his mind to die like a man no matter the pain he may be made to go through.

Don Nesta looked at him, clapped his hands, walks around the room and spoke in Italian to the three boys in the room to which they all nod in affirmative. He then spoke to Osa saying

Don: are you El Chapo

Osa remained strong faced, he was bent on giving as little info as he can.

Don: you should know that your survival depends on how you answer my questions. Let me tell you, I brought you here just to find out how you did it. He continued, I have been in this business long before you could have been born, and overtime I have seen the back of great men, strong men and powerful ones, but none of them seem as intriguing as you. First, you seem too young for the post and name you occupy, you have only been in this country for five years but you were competing with an empire I built for thirty years. So my question is how did you do it?

Osa remained quiet with his eyes pacing around the room, he was searching if there could be any route of an escape in case the chance present itself.

Don Nesta seeing how adamant he was, spoke to the guard at the door in Italian and he left the room. He continued, you know you are too raw and brash for this business, to succeed in this business being discrete is a virtue and that my friend you lack.

The guard returned to the room and left the door open for a cute lady to walk through, Osa lifted his eyes and he couldn’t believe what he saw, he saw Selena walk up to don nesta and both got entangled in a long French kiss. He couldn’t help but smile, he was smiling at his folly. He remembered how he called his line after she left him in the boutique and how she gave him directions to her house, that was too easy he said to himself, I should have known he muttered.

He remembered getting to the apartment and meeting her door wide open while she called out to him from the bathroom and asked him to come join her and finish what he started earlier. In ten seconds he was in the bathtub of soapy warm water with her. Damn too easy he said.

He recalled how she rubbed the cap of his dicckk, wash away the soap and gave him a mouth gig of life. Her tongue was cold and as it touches his JT, sent shivers to every part of him, then she opens her bum wide on his face, he saw a freshly soapy blonde pvssy different from all he has seen in his native africa.

Without invitation, he wiped away the soap, not totally clean but he doesn’t mind, he sapped the pusssy and began sucking and licking. Maybe it was the soap or the pvussy itself, this pvssy was tasting chocolatey he couldn’t believe the taste so he removed his lips, dipped a finger into it turn it around in it like he was turning EBA, he then removed the finger and licked it, it gave the same chocolate taste, hmmmm, impressive he taught.

He continued his sucking ministry, he use his tongue to separate that labia, tickle the clitories and then he started tongue bleeping her, she also increased her pace in sucking him and at intervals, she sucked up to the balls and swallowed all the length of his dicckk in her mouth, she will spit on it and picked it off, he was in cloud nine and in few seconds he poured out is juice in her mouth, that action seems to be a motivation for her has she swallowed all the cum and suck the diicck more vigorously. The dickk was suppose to go down but she didn’t let it. She removed her bum from his face, his face now soaked in her chocolatey tasting juice and then slowly she place her pussyy on the dickk and gently lowered herself down on it to a sound of huuummmm from him. She use her hand to locate the edge of the bathtub and found a remote, she pressed play and shakira’s hips don’t lie was blazing quietly from where he couldn’t find out, and truely her hips weren’t lying. She began to whine her hips on his dicckk to the melody of the song. This make the sex more rhythmic and teasing. She was slowly twisting her bum on his Jt while he was also matching her by raising his back to give a deeper penetration. Seriously, the pace was too slow for him, he wanted it faster, cause it seems she was just teasing him so he took control, lifted her off his body, got out of the bath tub, got under the shower to wash away the soap and instructed her to do likewise. While under the shower, her raised her left leg with his right hand and inserted his dick into her, like a lady determined to make it more easy for him, she remove her leg, raised it as high as his shoulder and placed it on his shoulder, in Osa’s mind he was like ” this is a gymnastics fucklicant nice”

Like a man sex starved for years he fired on, ravagingly smashing the pusssy with all the strength and pace he has, but for every of his romeo she was a Juliet, she was a sure match or even better. He couldn’t believe his luck banging this beautiful goddess on the first day, wow i must be charming he taught…………

I wasn’t charming, I was fooled, I was schooled, I was been set up he exclaimed and burst into a big laughter to the amazement of everyone……..


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