Molested!!!!!!. Episode 12

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Osa cont’d
Osa gave up every hope of survival left in him, he finally understood that he has fell prey for his predators who had use the best hand as bait to get him. Death is the only sure thing and he promised to die with all h knew.

Don Nesta: el chapo, you are a ruler of your on world and that is why am accruing you this honour, spill the beans and safe your life, am sure you know the rule of the game.

While he was still speaking, a loud bang was heard from outside, don asked two of the men with him to check out what was happening while he told Selena to transfer El chapo to the inner room.

On their way to the inner room……

Selena: osa, am sorry for all this, I had to bring you in cause my life depend on it. Don nesta was starting to suspect me and I had to prove my worth. Osa please understand the I love you and I have also plan a way of escape out of here for you, the moment you get out, please take the next available flight back to your country. Every thing you need has been arranged, just do as I I’ll tell you.
Onoke cont’d
Onoke landed on a soft body, she was terrified, it was quiet darkmso she couldn’t see wh exactly it is. She dipped her hand into her pocket and brought out her techno torchlight phone, she put on the torch and looked at what it is that fell her. She couldn’t believe her eyes, she screamed and hurriedly got up, she ran as fast as she can towards the bridge. Getting close to the bridge, she paused, looked around and still there was no one around.

She looked at herself and wondered why she will leave all her belongings while she head home. Won’t I by linking myself to the death of the body, my belongings will be used as exhibit and I will be broadcasted as the prime suspect. This is not happening to me again she said and head back to whee the body was.
She started packing her things all around the dead body, and once in a while she will flash her torch to the face of the dead body and continue packing. At a point, she got disturb and wondered if the body was really dead, ‘ maybe he is just weak she wondered, let me feel his pulse to be sure’ so she brought her face towards his chest and as her body touched the dead body,she felt a sudden sensation and a urge to feel the rest of the body.

She looked around and it seems the Apocalypse had begun because the street was still has silent as a grave. She decided to move the body off the road and with all the strength she had, she carried the body to the garage under the bridge. While carrying she could feel a warm sensation and a sudden rush of blood through her body, she notice her Tips stiffened, she was sure aroused by this body. She dropped the body at the middle of two buses, She looked at the blood stains over his head and his blood soaked Chelsea jersey she let her eyes stray down towards his short. At this point e couldn’t resist the urge to feel what was under his pant, she has lost consciousness of the environment she is and the urge to have sex with this body has taken over her early fears.

She got down on her knees, pull off his shorts and a sultry smile was on her face when she saw the size of his JT at its potential state. She handled the dicckk, massaged it, hit the balls lightly and to her uttermost surprise, the dicck began to gain some attention, the increase in size gave her an adrenaline rush.

she increased the pace at which she was stroking the dicckk and her heartbeat became faster, she pulled down her jeans trouser to knee level, shifted her pants sideways to give way for her pusssy which was drippinly wet now and gently guarded the dick into her vjay, and in a slow motion she began moving and wriggling her waist against the long rod.

There was a sudden sporadic shooting with bullets dropping speedily on the bridge, from no where, a stray buulet flew towards where she was, hitting one of the buses around her. The sound of the bullet increased thenurge in her and she began hopping faster on the dicck , she pumped herself ferociously jumping up and down with the sounds of their body jamming making the sound kppaaa, kpaaaa, kpaaaa. Her head was thrown behind, her hands on his chest as if she was trying to pump his heart back to life, she continued jumping on the dick and was about climaxing when felt a hand grab her boobs, she paused, looked around but so no one. Sh wasn’t going to be denied reaching the climax here she taught to herself, so she continued bleeping her self, faster than before. Sh was about coming again when she felt the hand again, this time softly and it has penetrated her top and bra to get to the bear breast, she wanted to stop, but the pleasure was too much to stop, the hand was softly caressing the Tips, moving around both booobs and circling the Tips. She closed her eyes as her pvssy walls began to stiff, and she could feel her dripping from her vjay, she sat wasted on the still hard dicck as the unknown hand continued to manipulate her boobs. It was so soft and pleasing that she didn’t want it to end. In another few seconds she couldn’t believe she was wriggling her waist again against the dicckk, then she head another big bang which brought her back to life, she checked the hand underneath her clothes, she couldnt believe what she saw and with fear she jumped off the body


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