My adventures in school episode 3

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2.. episode3.
something shocking happened during break…well we didnt do anything cause of the junior waec we are preparing for. my classmate where just making noise while some where reading. i was just sleeping and didnt know when it was break. it was one junior student that called me and said that a senior student is calling me. i just stood up and followed him. immediately i reached at the back of class the junior student left. but what she did next suprise me. she just hugged me and i felt her soft boobs pressing against my chest.immediately i had an erection when she noticed the effect she was having on me she kissed me but i was carried away to notice corper bazim our social studies teacher though he also take only we the jss3 and also take the senior student government. he just smiled a wicked smile and told the both of us to lie down under the sun. as we where there i noticed her crying. i asked her sandra any problem and she said no but when i asked her the second time she said that she is xo sorry for what she caused to me in a way that made me forget my father name”lols” .
me:it nothing sandra i can do anything for you(did i just said that well lets see)
sandra: thanks a lot i owe you a lot.
we lay on the sun for the remaining hour till when coper bazim released the two of us and gave us purnishment to sweep the auditorium where we do write exam.
i told sandra to leave the work that i can handle it. but she insisted. watch out episode4

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