My encounter with a waitress (18+) episode 11

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Episode 11…
You are hereby sentence to 20 years of imprisonment with the hard labour… I rise!!!!

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*****a boy (court clerk) sitting opposite judge made a shout of… C-o-u-r-t and everyone rose to their feet!!!!*****

I broke down immediately and lost consciousness. I didn’t know when I transportated into agodi gate prison. When I woke up, I was welcome by inmates who by any chance waiting for the convicted to bring something to eat or getting beating like seriously. The beating I got that day was so enormous to the extend my di¢k that landed me in the prison refuse to jack for some half quarter period that I used inside agodi prison garden. the activities in the prison were normal activities … taking us to do menial jobs, eating raw but not well cooked food and Lock us up for months sometime wasn’t a child play. A year passed by, and I begun to adapt to prison life. The rank started moving from an ordinary inmate to right vise-chairman. By that, I was in charge of beating the new comers as well. Collecting money from them to make our living enjoyable. Initially, The tormentor in the prison was so bad, but things later changed when it was getting to the period of new presidential election. That period, people start to turn their attention to the prisoners, some would come to distribute a materials thing for us, like food, and other take away eatable materials. Some people even wish to give us other things that can make living easy for us, but were retreated because of damages it might cause among inmate.
*****FAST FORWARD*****
I spent complete 2 years in agodi prison without being asked by any relative or families. Some all time, I can’t help it but swear and curse opeyemi for where she lead my life into. Sometimes, I would try to recollect if possibly I once met opeyemi or I might once did something bad for her which made her to comeback to torture my life indisguish, but non of her name or facial look ever appear in my memory. In fact, I can boldly say I have never come across a friend called opeyemi, not to talk of girlfriend or dating partner. Even, our Almighty does forgive us for the wrong done by us, not to talk of human being like us. Continuing thinking about her issue made me concluded on a Yoruba adage which states that…***eni ba ri oku ika nile, to ta ni pa, ika di meji*** (Whoever kicked the Corper of wicked person, made himself a wicked fellow, as well)
I always thought I would use my whole 20years being assigned to me in the prison and the fear does envilop on my heart. Even though, a year was like 100 years but I sometimes hope that; the person that died and the lost one would one day or the order meet. I put my vow in me, because i could not do anything in my presence condition. **** Yet, I believe, there is no secret in the world, the person that knows the truth does not died because time pass****
But one day which marked the begin of new a story in my life, was when the newly elected governor asked to renovate the agodi prison and some inmate where move to difference parts of Nigeria on which I was move to owena militaty cantonment in akure, ondo state. From there, which I met my long lover who is called Racheal.
When we arrived at Owena millitary cantoment at akure. We were asked to form a row and arranged in-order, according to the number of each convicted printed on uniform. Each prisoner had to register under the new prosecutor before enter the cell. The age of prisoner, years, and other information about him or her. They have sent informations of prisoner to various parts of prisons in nigeria, before comingdown of each prisoner. The number would be taken notice, in order to know how many years left for each prisoner and all that. To cut the long story short. I held my tag in front of myself to be accesed until I saw Rachel, my ex among prosecutors.

Rachel: ****open mouth widely*** Oluwafimihan Jeremiah… what are you doing here????

Me: ***a surprise strikes my heart and tag fall off my hands***”

I wanted to talk but no words could come out from my mouth. I looked at racheal, my freed pu$$y in those days. The development, good looking and a very stable job, made me looked at myself twice and realised I have lagged behind as a result of just mere 5minutes spent with ope, couple with two years spent at agodi gate.
******hot tears started flowing down my eyes*****

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