My encounter with a waitress (18+) episode 13

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Episode 13…
A series of caring and affection questions were just coming from racheal to me and which I could not provide answers to…
Racheal: why are you here??? Jerry!!!
Me:*****just sobing*****
Racheal: what brought you to this stage???? Did you kill somebody ni????
Me:****still crying loudly****
Racheal: common… this can’t help you, you know!! I want to help you out. Tell me why you are in this state. I will do my best for you.
Me: **I want to open my mouth, but still crying****
After several persuasion, I narated all the nook and crany of he story to racheal. How I met open in hotel, how we slept together, where I found myself after a night marraton s*x, how I was jailed for killed the chief ceteri-patibus.
That day, I was given best food ever. The food I have last tasted about two and half years ago. She called some co-prosecutors before me and asked for my full fill case. I later returned back to my cell after much discussion which I was even surprised and asked her if she won’t quickly go back to home. But she put deaf here into my words until she made all the necessary steps she said to make for me. I knew she couldn’t do anything about it yet, I might have not returned to my cell that night. Even, those co-inmates that were together through out also benefited from foods, insecticides, and other things to keep my stay comfortable.
I was surprised when racheal came to me after three days and said:
Racheal: ***smiling face**** how are you coping????
Me: yea. It is more comfortable in here! Courtesy of your influence.
Racheal: hmmmmmm… common!! It is nothing. And what i have done for you?? You are darling.
Me:***half smiling and sad face**** thanks!!!!
Racheal: I have news for you…
Me: really??? What is that??
Racheal: which one do you want to hear first??? Good first or bad one first???
Me: ***sigh**** bad one first???
Racheal: ***smilling**** OK! I have consulted too many lawyers about your case, even my daddy was not exclusive, but with what I was seeing, you need to be prayerful cause I could not phantom why you fell so deep inside a set up case like that.
Me: what do I have to do now????
Racheal: a prayer!!! You need to pray very much. I believed God will do it but u need to pray for freedom by yourself..
Me: OK! I will… and what off good news????
Racheal: I contacted my husband friend that is in abuja and told him about the case. He has made appeal about your case and guess what???
Me: ***nervous***** whaaattt???
Racheal: your appeal is coming up in three weeks to this time????
Me:wwwwhhhhaaattt??? Appeal???
Rcheal: yeaaa…
Me: ****a tear starts flowing down my eyes*** crying… I hope this not a dream.
Racheal: it is for real …
Me: ***held her hands*** thank you so much racheal. I will forever be grateful to you.
Racheal: you welcome. And if I may ask, did you hear anything about that girl???
Me: you mean ope??
Racheal: yes…
Me: nope, how will I see a trace of her when I was inside all these years?
Racheal: and nobody updated you about Her??
Me: yes!!
Racheal: OK! And before I go. I have wanted to ask you something …
Me: what is that???
Racheal: why did you slept at hotel that night?? You don’t even care about your wife??? That doesn’t good!
Me: I have not got married oooo…
Racheal: you don’t mean it?
Me: yes, I am serious …
Racheal: Jerryto… you never ready to let go of that bado act of yours.
Me: it is not really like that oooo..
Racheal: so what? Tell me now.
Me: ****silent****
Racheal: I am all listening now…???
Me: I don’t know what to say. But don’t look at me like that.
Rachal: how will I be looking at you anyhow?? What are we friends for???
Me: thanks for your understanding.
Racheal: you welcome****giggling****
Me: I think it is getting late. You should start going I guess???
Racheal: ho! Yea, you right!!!
Me: I hope your husband won’t be getting upset by now????
Racheal: ***smiling*** upset????
Me: yes now…
Racheal: OK oooo…
Me: what type of work he is doing???
Racheal: he is a lawyer…
Me: really??? I am happy for you. And where is his chamber???
Racheal:***mood changed*** can we talk about that later jerry???
Me: yea, sure!!!
Racheal: ***smilling*** thanks!!!
Me: why thanking me??? I asked because I am jealous. He is such a lucky guy to begin with. I mean to have you all…
***She just boosted into laughter when I said that…***
Racheal: oh! Less I forgot, this is the food I brought for you inside the cooler.
Me: oh thanks!!!
Racheal: can i pour it for you???
Me: no, i will take it inside
Racheal: ok! You can pour it inside nylon then!! They won’t allow you take something enter your cell.
Me: yea, i knew… Thanks!!! **I turned the food inside nylon***
Racheal: ****looking at me with a pitiful eyes*** it much have been so hard for you all the while. I am sorry!!!
Me: common, since you are here now, it is more confortable than before… can you call the officer for me now??? I want to return back to my cell; ‘I added’ ***standing up***
Racheal: ****standing up too, holding my hands and looked straight into my eyes*** common babe, Not so much in hurry…
Me: ***hmmmmmm, what again???***
Racheal: do you remember today’s date???
Me: eehhmm, today is february 6th, 2016 of course…
Racheal: that is not what I meant. Exactly four years ago we seperated. Do you still remember that night we printed our call-up letter???
Me: ****nodding*** yea…
Racheal: that was properbly the last day of our intimacy. I am so sorry I let go off you. I should have not done that on purpose, perhaps you might have not been in this position you are today.
Me: let jus say that was how God wants it. I can’t point finger at God fr this. Thanks for remember that day, just now.
Racheal: since that day, I couldn’t tell you why and explained, as well as asking for forgiveness for leaving you so cold. ***sigh*** I am sorry jerry; ‘she added’
Me: I understood you. You are forgiven …
Racheal: ***laughing**** really????
Me: yea!!!!
****still holding my hands and start robbing my palms****
Me:***just staring at her and finding the position between us so hackward***
She moved me closer to her and place her hand at the back of my head. ***Took a deep breath**** log and rob her lips over mine and started eating my lips. Stay there for like a minute and let go.
Me: ****jus dumbfolded and don’t know what to do**”
Racheal: that was a take-away for letting you go since then. Still love you. Bye for now!!!
Me: ***dumbfolded and surprised*** take-away kééé and still love you bà wò????
I looked at weeding ring in-between her fingers. I recollected she told me that her husband is a lawyer. I thought of my present position and what five minutes with ope has done and brought my life down to this stage. I can’t dispute racheal still wants another thing between us. It is sometime hard for woman to let go of past especially, someone that disflower them. ****I remembered an adage which states that: Even after year of being crowned a king, the palmwine tapper wouldn’t cease gazing at plamtree in nolstagier(bò ba lé logun òdùn taà fí adémùn jòbà, kò ní ye òrùn òpé wò)***** I sense racheal might still have affection towards me. I thought of who her husband might be. I started thinking how desperate am i to leave this prison life behind.
How will I escape this temptation again??
***Do this with lawyer’s wife is surely a cold day in hell****

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to be continued…

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