My encounter with a waitress (18+) episode 17

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Episode 17…
“*****the next witness was asked to take her position****
The entire necessary things have been done and the lawyer started questions the woman about what she might have known about the case.

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My lawyer: mrs. Mathew, what is your relationship with defendant??

Mrs mathew: i am hotel cleaner sir. I was working with opeyemi and co.!!

My lawyer: what vital information do you have for this court???

Madam: i have known ope for months, because we got work together when hotel was recruiting the workers back then. But after a while, There was somethimg fishy about her!!!

Lawyer: something fishy!!!! witness, can you please elaborate on that???

Mrs mathew: I knew she was up to something, because she was only one I suspected after period a making some calls and updating someone about the movement of people in hotel.

My lawyer: when you notice this, who do you inform???

Mrs mathew: I no dey inform anybody oooo

My lawyer: why???! Those things might have not happened if you said this to manager earlier, you know??

Mrs mathew: mistake me ni yen ooooo. Because I never imagined this to happen.

My lawyer: OK! What did you hear so far then?

Mrs mathew: on the night the chief was killed….

My lawyer: what happened that night???

Mrs Mathew: opeyemi and this brother***””pointing to me***

My lawyer: you u mean jerry???

Mrs Mathew: yea… I saw both of them entered the third room, on the second floor in our hotel. After some minutes I was opeyemi came out to pick something like food from kitchen.

My lawyer: where were you all this period?

Mrs Mathew: I was inside the room opposite the room both entered…

My lawyer: what are you doing there???

Mrs Mathew: I was changing the bedshit of the rooms. But there were only two rooms I could not enter that day.

My lawyer: which one and why???

Mrs Mathew: the Room that opeyemi took this man called jerry in and the other room which I think chief was inside that day.***she continues*** there was a girl that was making an affair with chief that night, cause I can heard their noises from inside. After when I through with The others rooms, I left with The aim of coming back for the other rooms. An hour passed by when I wanted to go and sleep. I then decided to check if the room is free or the person inside booked for sleep-over. That was when i heard opeyemi calling only God know who. Telling the person that jerry is now taking a nap. That she left the key to both rooms behind the stair. I never bother again to go for room checking, because I thought the persons inside both rooms order for another girl for over-night service.

My lawyer: do you know the girl that was inside chief room???

Mrs Mathew: nope! I only knew that the girl left that night,and I could not see both people inside both rooms came down that night. Another thing I noticed is that, miss opeyemi entered manager room, but I could not phantom what she went to do there. And since she hold the keys to every rooms in the hotel, i dare question her for that.

Opposition lawyer:****cut-in**** objection, your honour! Procecutor and witness only making vague and generalized claim, without viatal evidence to back their statements.

Judge: i acknowledged! Procecutor and witness, it would be good if you can back your point with any recording data. How sure are you expecting us to believe your words??? Please refrain from vague and generalized claim.

My lawyer: ****thanks… your honour!!!****

My lawyer:**** turning to witness**** is there any other thing or people that know about this???

Mrs Mathew: noboody and nothing more again sir.

My lawyer: thanks you for this ma. We are very grateful to have you here.

Mrs Mathew: thanks you, procecutor..****she dropped off the podium***

***Opposition lawyer stepped forwards and place a document before the court …the court clerk checked it and passed it to lawyer*** the document contains the story that happened 20years ago when I was in the secondary school with racheal and me, as well as shakiru. It is that story non of us ever touch nor talk to anyone. Because, it was a story that swallowed our fellow classmate whom is called shakiru****to be continued***

Opposition lawyer: sir, there is no secret in his world, the people that know secret do not die because time past. To clear this statement in relation to Mr jerry sir. Exactly 20years ago. When Mr jerry was in secondary school. He was a defendant as well as his classmates, when a case brought to a court of law which related a boy called shakiru, Rachel and him on a raping crime commuted by them!

***I saw racheal stood up immediately and was about to boosted into crying… it was a long story who she won’t want anyone to talk about. There barrister Michael going and opening up the shore painful experience of someone else that got no connection to the ongoing case***”

My lawyer:****cut-in**** objection, your honor!!! Prosecutor Michael is not using evidence on the existing case but speculation of what had happened 20 years ago. He is mentally abusing the defendant. The case prosecutor is talking about has no correlation with existing case.

Judge: I acknowledged!!!!! Please refrain yourself from obsolete info, procecutor. You only need to talk about topic that relate to present case. In order not to make this court to lose the thread that is taking us to final judgment.

Opposition lawyer: your honour! this is something that was gathered about mr. Jerry. my lord! History can’t lie.

My lawyer:**””cut in***** barrister Michael, don’t be a modest. The story you are bringing up has nothing too do with this presence case… Stop attacking an innocence person very close to violence.

Judge:****knock his wood hammer in his hand against table**** both of you should calm down right now!!!

Both lawyer: *****echoed*** sorry my(our) lord!!!

Judge: ****turn to right*** prosecutor Michael, what that your imformation got to do with presence case?? Please brief it before this court make final judgement!!

Me:***”my heart beating fast***

Opposition lawyer:***bend head inwards*** thanks my lord! By the look of a thing, why that Mr. Jerry always connect to criminal in one way or the others. 20 years ago, he escaped the jail and this case as well look like apearl in a water. lf he is not connect to criminal, he must be as well as a criminal or penetrator. They were not only killled chief, but also partaway with 10 millions naira. The money meant for some people. They are criminals. They are the problems of the development of our great country. If such people continue to live among the people, the lifes of people are not safe. My lord! I want you to look at this case critically and in order not to make the death of chief kukoyi who has been serving this coumtry for many years and whose also one of the people that help to pilot the orderliness of this country not to be in jeopady. I request for several punishment for Mr jerry as deserve by the criminal, accordingly to nigeria law act 67 page 12 on the nigeria constitution which states that no offender shall go unpunish for the crime commited by him or her. I rest my case. Thanks my lord!!!

Judge:*****put his and together and clapping*** thank you, procecutor for the energy you have put into this case so far!

Me:***scared**** té mí bà mí… Mo gbé! 5 minutes of S£x landed me in the journey of no return!!!!!

Judge:******turned to left***** prosecutor Petter! do you have anything left to say???

My lawyer: ****handed over a report to court clerk*****

Court clerk:****checked the report and passed it to judge***””

My lawyer: inside that report my lord is the fact that contains the death of chief kukoyi sir. The report shows, as you are looking at it that chief kukoyi was asleep when he was stab by knife. He wasn’t struggle for his life at all, why? Because he was under the influence of drug. And was greatly asleep.

Opposition lawyer: ****cut-in*** objection, your honour!!! Prosecutor is using illegal obtained data as evidence. Your honor! We need to confirm the unthetication of the data first. Thank you my lord!!!

Judge: I acknowledged! Prosecutor, please prove that this data was acquired in a rightful way…
My lawyer:****your honor**** i have already confirmed the evidence as a fact sir which was acquired from a reliable source.. And to make this court off the doubting mind, I will like to invite doctor Owolabi and by any chance if victim family can provide the man called Alhaji iwaléwa, who were the witnesses when the chief kukoyi was being tested before he was moved to grave.

****”doctor Owolabi step to the podium****

Judge: ****turned to doctor*** it is true that this data has been comfirmed as an authentic before being placed to this court???

Doctor Owolabi: yes my lord!!!!

Judge: were you truly there when chief was tested as been given drug???

Doctor Owolabi: yes my lord!!!!

Judge: thanks doctor for you time taken*****turned to opposition lawyer**” can you please provide Alhaji iwaléwa, to testify to this before we move on???

Opposition lawyer: ****shaking Head to depict no**** Alhaji is not coming here today sir!!!

*****doctor dropped off the podium****

Judge: in that case, procecutor, kindly continue your presentation…..

My lawyer: ****continuation**** If chief was stab while sleeping without drug, there is a tendency that chief would be struggling for his life. And the length of his life might even take some hours before he gave up the ghost, lawyer added. A test was carried out by medical department that came to carry chief and from the report, it shows that chief was given ramelteon ( Rozerem ) means: sleeping medication. He continues; ‘if chief were not given sleeping medication, chief WOULD probably being struggling for over some hours before he died due to the Dept of the knife which the medical department said was 8 centimeter inside his stomach. Unknown avail, you could she chief struggle in that picture posted in that report.

Judge: thanks attorney Petter for this information and time taken to gather the data.

Me:****I can’t feel my legs again, but I see hope ahead of him***

Judge: are you finished with your statement or there is something more ????

My lawyer: *****your honour**** there is an additional evidence. To explain a significant point in ramelteon sleeping medication (Rozerem): This is a sleeping medication that works differently than the others. It works by targeting the sleep-wake cycle, not by depressing the central nervous system . It is prescribed for people who have difficulty falling asleep. And this drug can only make someone fall deeply sleep after 2 to 3 hours been taken by patient before that person wouldn’t be able to feel anything just like condition chief were before he was stab by knife. However, my client, Mr. Jerry had not been inside the room by the time according to calculationof of time and if he is. He is not the one served chief the food rather than putting the medication. This case look more like a set up case my lord!!! If not why my client got hit in the head??? This is something to critically look into… therefore, Someone behind it. Someone made the scene for my client, my lord. It has to be somebody else along with opeyemi as a penetrator that wrote this fiction story so far.

Opposition lawyer:****stood-up and cut-in**** objection, my lord!!! I cant believe what procecutor petter is bringing home. Why they never stated this earlier???? Why now??? It seem false my lord!!!

My lwayer: ****cut-in**** procecutor micheal… are you messing with the evidence???

Opposition lawyer: i am not messing with the evidence but, it looks a lot fabricated… my lord! Objection over this data!

Judge:****knocking the wood hammer in his hand against the wood round box placed on the table before him**** objection suspended… prosecutor petter, please continue with your statement!!!

My lawyer: your honor, my first witness said a quotable words about how somebody was threaten the person who is called snakie that introduced opeyemi to my client. It also part of plot that my client has nothing to do with the killing of chief. Also, my second witness as well pinpointed that she eavesdropped opeyemi calling someone about the movement of people in the hotel. This show that opeyemi was a spy in the hotel to begin with. Your honor, let call a spade a spade… my client had no hand in the killing of chief with all of these obvious evidences!!!

***all the people that came to court, including those came for knowledge and people that came for experience stood up and gave prosecutor Petter a round of applause for his effort putting into the case to come to this. What no one ever taken note before****

Me:***I found myself sobbing**** I just cannot conceive the joy in me!!!

Will this be final before final battle???

Will I be able to make it out of this court this afternoon???

How will I feel I am giving liberty today????

If I am found guilty again, will I still go back to jail and spend my whole years??

****right there, at that serious moment of my life, between second chance or not… I know the difference between being holding an hostage and being giving a liberty***”
“””””I remember the lyric of a particular musician which states ‘you only have one life to live, if you lucky you might get two””””

…Will I be able to get second chance??? Only God can tell at this particular junction!!!

Then, I remember my quote the first time sankies introduced opeyemi to me which go thus;
…a woman is controller while, her kitty-cat will be exactly jus like a prison. A man is an officer whose his di¢kson is a criminal. If a man put his prisoner inside a prison, he would not be able to tel what will happen to his prisoner. The prisoner may enter prison and become soft after a moment inside prison.***especially when encounter with some many hotter prisoner stuffs*** although not all the prisoner comeback from prison become soft. on the other hand, a prisoner may enter a prison and become ipata**””hooligan*** or become softer and if stay like some minutes outside stil turn out to be as hard/turgid as rock*** this means that prisoner feels like take a prison as home*** courtesy of kitty cat!

Even though, the statement above illustrated kitty-cat. yet, it synonymous to realy life prison…life. And will I be able to come out alive Or stay inside prison jus like a prisoner whose his destiny chose to be inside prison for life!!!!

…That lies on the shoulder of my destiny!!!!!


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