My encounter with a waitress (18+) episode 18

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Episode 18…
Me:****sobbing and shivering …while my whole body sweeting for the fate await me****

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Judge:****took a deep breath*** thank you procecutor Petter. Kindly, round off you points because of time!

My lawyer: therefore, I will seek this time to ask for a plead of behalf of my client. Although, ‘if you have committed a sin. You must be punished!!! According to nigeria law act 12, page 659 of Nigeria constitution:. But, my client was at a wrong place at a wrong time. He had committed no sin. The only offence I can pinpoint here that my client committed is making use of someone else facilities without paying for it, but such thing could not be avoided as a result of safety for my client whose a lady called opeyemi used to lure my client into this fiction novel written by her and her colleagues. Your honour, my client is an honorary man. He is a straightforward person. an upright person with no wasted traits. Keeping such young talented teenager in a prison is like keeping the development of this great country in a bottle and place it beside the fowl. When we fully acknowledged that foul has not strength to break the bottle. Unless the changes are influenced by the people who are ready to effect positive ones. Who are ready to make better judgment and who won’t give a room to make an innocence person to serve what he deserve not!!!! I hereby rest my case, Thanks, my lord!!!

Judge: ****sighed***” having heard the thorough explanation of the case from both sides. This court of law will therefore process to the final appealed judgment of this case, without bias or siding anyone, either victim or defendant. Today’s finally judgment will be made on the laws enacted by the act law of the Nigeria constitution without sympathy or embellishment!!!

Judge:****continuing**** for these reasons, i will seek for a permission of 5 mimutes to review the final judgment before pronounce it to the public… thanks!!!

Me:******my whole body is shaking, while hot sweat dropping down from body****”

I sighted racheal on her sit. Fold hands together as well as shaking all over the body****I don’t know what was going through her mind, but how she would wish her struggle to make this case to come this far won’t be in vain**** only God can tell!!!!

Judge:*****bend head down and reading as well as jotting something down on paper!!!****

*******after 5 minutes*******

Judge:*****clear his throat**** i thanks everyone here today, both defendant and victim’s family. Both defendant lawyer and victim lawyer, even, the congregations are not exceptional. Thank you all for your time taken.

****everybody was in tension. Cause no one kmow what to expect from judge. Even victim family colud not concieve their trounling mind***” judge contimues;

Judge: I acknowledged that criminal killed chief kukoyi and partaway with a large number of naira note worth of ten million. But they say; ‘There is nothing shocking about the an alley cat that steal the fish, but someone who knows how precious the fish is and give it to alley cat, is to blamed’. The fact that victim***chief kukoyi*** took the money whose belong to public to an hotel, the victims has committed a crime of neglected of duty whose accidentally resulted that murderers partway of money belong to government. He continues;

Judge: I acknowledged that chief kukoyi is a public figure whose need maximum security for his life for being a campaign member of senator coker. Such a person can’t go directly to home for a maximum security and such public figure went all the way to satisfy his S£xual urge with any security members or police officer. For these reason, victim is therefore committed the crime of confinement and neglecting of his precious life to be banished!!! Judge added; for the fact that those culprits are yet to be found. I will implore the family of chief kukoyi to please take heart till this court finally nab all the criminal that involve in the death of chief and bring to face their punishment as it is stated in Nigeria law act 67 page 12 on the Nigeria constitution that no culprits will go without being punish for the crime committed. Thank you the family of the victim for your understanding!!!

Me:******I was burning inside. My heart nearly erupted like a volcano***** with the way the judge is presenting his judgment, I wasn’t sure I can escape all the evidence placed before me. Even though, I feel like an innocence, but who would believe???

Judge:****turn into my direction****

Me:****I felt like make I enter ground***** sobbing and shivering!!!! While my whole body is shaking…

Judge: *****clear his throat**** I am marveled with the information i got from your working place. But, What is the point if you are a tiger at work, when you can’t even control your emotion and figure out imminent danger ahead of you through 5 minutes S£x form unknown woman. Right now, you are like a cat that has been trapped in the corner by the mice. What will you now do???? This will serve as a lesson to other young lads like you. Who believe that sleeping with woman is a free gift of nature? And not knowing that there is no free thing, even in free town!!! They say there is nothing free in this world. If it comes too easily, something can go wrong in the end. Jus like is has been went wrong for you since last two and half years!!!!

Me:***shaking and shivering, while hot tears are flowing down my cheeks****

Judge: They say you prepared a road for the king, beggar comes first! Is this a define punishment for your outboast or a predestined???? A young boy like you!!! A university graduate!!! A mental knowledge of political science!!!! You now being framed by a mere woman with ordinary O-level… because of five minutes S£x, what a pity!!!!

Me:*****seriously sobbing and crying profusely, while my tears dreach my clothes****

Judge:*****looking me with pity eyes***** this will be the final moment for all your escapades. if tail is to long, it can be stomped on!!!! The one with long tail is one to at fault now, not the one who stomped on it. Who are we to point finger at murder?? They are no where to be found now… what should we do??? We must do the judgment according to Nigeria constitution.

Me:****”sobbing and shivering****” yeeeeeeeehhh… té mí bà mí…!!!!

Judge: Mr. Jerry… what can we call this kind of wicked fate??? It easy to break thing than fixing it. You, yourself, Looking back and realise what you might have achieved since you left service. Well, You have lived like a freelancer(freeman) and even as well as an hostage. The theory here is that the more you reach bottom rock, the stronger you get!!! We have to encourage you… Don’t look back, every time you want to go down, think about what opeyemi has done to your life, work hard and ready to pay her back. That is revenge you derseve.

Me: *****sobing and crying profusely, while my whole body is shaking and clothes drench with my sweat****

Judge: here is my judgement!!!!

Me:******I quickly clean my face with my clothes***”***”

******I saw racheal re-seat properly on her seat as well, while my prosecutor readjusted his gown as if he is not comfortable*****


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