My encounter with a waitress (18+) episode 2

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Episode 2…
The following day, I sitted in one corner colded and enjoy my drink. After some hours snakie comes inside the bar. I don’t how he always know when I am around.
Snakie: hi
Me: hi, my guy.
Snakie: nah only u waka come.
Me: yes nah. Who go follow me here; I laughed.
Snakie: you mind join us over there our table full of diference kind of drinks.
Me: that is great.
I follow him into their table with two friends already sitted and with me making it four.
His Friends say hi in unionism and I reply them. We shook hands and I introduced myself, In which each said their names too.
After some minute the girl came over to our table with pepper soup plate for each of us. All the while I have begun to like the girl. She is an energetic gal with little smile on her face, every here and there: Strong and big bossom with va-va-voom. But I am just feeling lust towards her, not realy that I wish to have her. But with wat snakie told me that she always decline the guys. I which I find out the type of girl she is so soon.
Snakie: hey, waitress… You no greet my friend.
Waitress: sorry sir***facing me*** welcome to our nirvana.
Me: it is my pleasure.
Waitress: it is bin a while I see you here.
Me: yes
Waitress: you are a quite guy I guess. Cause I never see you talking to anyone not until today since you have been coming here.
Me: not realy, I do talk and play like everyone.
Waitress: realy?
Me: yea…
Waitress: I wish I know more of you then as the time goes on.
Me: me tooo.
I begun to feel suspicious that it is not the same girl snakie said she hard to gt. Snakie interrupted my tinkin within a minute.
Snakie: hey my babe, you no ask of his name
Waitress: heee’ya sorry. May I knw your name sir.
Me:***lolz*** I am jeryto
Wiatress: hmmmmm… Jerry in short.
Me: u can call me that too.
She left our table afterward and I can’t help it but staring at those bumbum and bossom. I think this type of prison fit the place like this. If you only waka carry this enter you house kip am. Beliv your landlord no go allow you rest cause nah big prison. If you happen to be a good boy before, seeing this prison every day, then you become satanic pikin.
When I was about to be goin I was already at the door’s way wen snakie call me ask of my number. I knew he did it on purpose as the girl was staring at us.
Snakie: won’t you give me your numbers incase I come around next time so that I would be calling you to come over.
Me: no problem nah. I am always free during the night and also during weekend, I am fully free.
Snakie: so, you never get any gal wey go come disturb you for weekend?
Me: haaa, no time jareh.
Snakies: hummm, you must be hit and run be that.
Me: not realy… I am only waiting for the lucky girl.
After said this, I saw the girl looking at my direction but who cares. For you mind abi… If no be say I dey even run for bleeping from all my tigresses for home.
Snakie collected the girl phone and dialled my number claiming that he will collect it back when he charges his phone.
I knew why he did say that his phone off, but there must be something this guy upto. When I was about to leave I saw a new waitress coming from kitchen. I was thinking this one just comes.
When I got home I rushed to take my bath and I was about to take my sleep when I hear my phone ringing. I look at the phone and discover that it is a new number. I picked the call
Me: helo
Caller: helo, please who am I talking to?
Me: but you call me I guess.
Caller: I saw this number on my phone and I don’t knw the person that got it.
Me: well, I don’t knw how it got on your phone. And to say the fact, I am seeing this number for the first time.
Caller: heeEn,
Caller: may I knw your name pls perhabs I can trace the number.
Me:ok, I am jerryto
Caller: I can’t bliv it, so it is you?
Me:***surprise*** pls who are you?
Caller: opeyemi…
Me: from where pls?
Caller: the girl snakie dialled your number on her phone not so lng. I mean when you came to our hotel.
Me: ***see me see trouble*** eeee’ya, so it is you.
Caller: yea… Nice meetin you
Me: and you too… Are you calling with your number?
Caller: yes, that is my number. You can reach me on it anytime.
Me:***ha, anytime?**** ok. Thanks for the call sha
Ope: no mention jare.
She dropped the call and I was like:
It is not that I don’t want my prisoner go to prison because of his convicted. But having undergone diference national prisons. And with all the a-to-to-nu(full explanation) from lawyer. It has to be life imprisonment.

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